Vanish is a simple server side mod for Fabric servers admins.

It's used to mask your online status, so no one knows that you are online.

It stops the server from sending specific packets to other players that notify their client that you exist on this server.


  • Invisible (The game of the other players don't get any information of your presence)
  • No hacked Client can see you
  • In Server list fake amount of players online
  • Not showing up in the playerlist
  • You make no sound, except while destroying blocks
  • Fake join/leave message
  • Overwrites /list command, so it doesn't show vanished players
  • Overwrites /msg command, so you cannot be messaged by other players
  • Settings file (at "mods\vanish")
  • Vanished players don't get detected by Sculk Sensors (can be disabled in settings file)


  • "/vanish" toggle vanish on yourself
  • "/vanish all" / "/vanish all true" vanishes all players
  • "/vanish all false" unvanishes all players
  • "/vanish <target>" toggle vanish on target
  • "/vanish <target> <true/false>" set vanish on target
  • "/vanish reload" reloads settings file
  • "/vanish list" lists the vanished players