This mod is for Forge, Quilt, and Fabric.
If you find any bugs with the mod or you think a Minecraft bug should be fixed, please go create an issue on the Github Issue Tracker.

Supports 1.19.x, 1.20.x Fabric/Quilt | 1.20.1/2, 1.12.x Forge | 1.20.4 Neoforge

Requires Cloth-Config v8 or higher - Fabric/Quilt.

Requires Cloth-Config v11 or higher - 1.20.x Forge.

Requires Cloth-Config v13 or higher - Neoforge.

I recommend for you to use the Mod Menu mod as you can access the config screen from there, otherwise you'll have to edit the config file - Fabric/Quilt.


Crash UI (Still being ported on the Modern minecraft versions)

Shows a crash screen rather than closing the game, with the screen you can go back to the main menu and/or upload it to a website like pastebin.

Ability to toggle some of the patches on or off

Bug fixes that Mojang has not fixed or will not fix

Some bugs that are fixed:

Performance enhances

Particle Culling


Runemoro and the contributors for the original mod.


This mod is under a modified MIT licence (MIT applies to binaries uploaded before October 2nd 2023). I do not claim to own the original mod.

For Minecraft 1.20.4 and higher Forge will no longer be supported and is replaced by Neoforge.

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