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Filename vanillafoodpantry-mc1.14.3-5.0b1.jar
Uploaded by The_Wabbit0101
Uploaded Aug 7, 2019
Game Version 1.14.3
Size 1.58 MB
Downloads 527
MD5 ca26f262a90b4ad368949ad9681a1e93
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions
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Java 8


mc1.14.4-5.0b1 [Aug-07-2019] (Buckle-up, this is going to be a long ride/read!)
As of Minecraft 1.14, Vanilla Food Pantry requires the Carrots library to function. I know; this sucks. I delayed this for as long as possible but the 1.14 migration/forge-rewrite kicked the ball over the line. The amount of duplicated code across my mods was just too much, so we are here now.
KNOWN BETA ISSUES (all hopefully fixable for later betas)

  • Some brewing recipes (container converters) might be broken [Forge #5814]
  • Loot table alteration is broken (this includes entity loot tables) [Forge #5945] Working on rewiring my brain to fix this w/ pools and code.
  • Custom block harvest drops are broken (like custom drops from leaves) [Forge #5828]
  • Some custom recipes not yet ported (you'll know when you find one...)
  • Configs and tag files are a WIP with lots of crazy items showing in JEI and creative mode that would normally be hidden
  • No fluids support pending Forge rewrite of fluid system [Forge #5848]
  • No extra JEI integration and/or information yet (though most obvious things have standard recipes...)
  • Missing intermod compatibility especially: AppleCore/SoL, Tough As Nails, Nutrition, Culinary Construct, etc. (handled as more mods migrate)
  • Advancements not yet ported (ignore the spam if present)
  • ZERO testing on dedicated servers (report issues on github!)

KNOWN ISSUES (NOT getting fixed)
Automatic inter-mod integration for old oredict names. Due to the switch to data pack housed tag files, this magic is basically a no-go for 1.14. I feel (more) sorry for modpack makers...

  • BRK: Flattening has occured in preparation for 1.14 which means new and incompatible item and block ids for almost every thing in the mod. Making a new world is kinda REQUIRED.
  • BRK: Rewrite of configuration for new Forge format, removal of ore-dict related options, and to introduce a few new aggregate controls: strict vanilla progression, insta-eating, no bulk items (bags, cartons, etc.)
  • BRK: Bulk pantry items moved to another mod to make way for more useful integration with wandering trader, etc. Indeed, I have a cunning plan!
  • CHG: Batter recipe for nuggets will produce a single 'batched' output that when smelted gives 4-6 individual cooked nuggets; this saves 3-5 smelt cycles and fuel per recipe
  • CHG: Old muffin recipe tweaked a little; textures too to accomodate new cheeseless flavors (see below)
  • CHG: More soakable foods as it's a permanent feature now: added snocones and roasted sunflower seeds
  • CHG: Teas can be heated -or- cooled to relieve temperature when Tough As Nails present. Milky variants give slightly better warming protection as well as their usual milk-curative effects.
  • CHG: Generic deckers now accept a pile of cleaned mushroom as a primary and fried veggie nuggets or fried mushroom nuggets as filler ingredients
  • CHG: Recipe for moonshine mixing funnel no longer consumes the bit measure
  • CHG: Red flint finally looks red/cherty. Yea that was a long weird leftover from 1.8...
  • CHG: Tweaked butchering axe so it's a bit more costly to obtain and maintain. Now requires red flint to craft.
  • CHG: In creative mode, VFP items are in single VFP tab again
  • CHG: The craft recipe for red flint removed (and yesss, this is part of the conspiracy to have gravel displace clay as THE MOST important material in Minecraft!)
  • FIX: Universal bucket recipe ingredient factory will check the amount of fluid present to ensure it's at least 1 bucketful (1000mB). Fixes issues with 'leaky' buckets and partially filled tanks being used as full buckets.
  • FIX: Eating raw (mod) meats could give poison II instead of just poison effect
  • FIX: Xp from smelting battered and jerky nuggets was too high
  • FIX: (Integration) Culinary Construct's sandwich maker for multi-use foods now provides correct nutrition
  • NEW: Added plain pork and mutton nuggets for individual eating or to make meals with furnace fries
  • NEW: Added Apple and Ugli muffins that don't require cheese or milk
  • NEW: Allium aka Onion bread
  • NEW: Spruce needle tea (seriously this is a real thing)
  • NEW: Fallout fans here yah go: Tato Juice and Crunchy Critter Bits (mutton&pork nuggets) (batter,garlic,salt,cheeze)
  • NEW: If the insta-eat option is enabled the following items are now affected: washed mushrooms, all nuggets, fries, cookies, and roasted seeds
  • NEW: A few new items and an advancement around the sweet berries food.
  • NEW: Fleshmeal now works to grow seagrass
  • NEW: Using fleshmeal on small flowers can duplicate the flower as is done for tall flowers.

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