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VanillaDeathChest (Forge)


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VanillaDeathChest places chests (or shulker boxes) where players die containing all of their items. VanillaDeathChest is completely server-sided; it can be installed on the client for use on singleplayer worlds, but clients without this mod can connect to servers with this mod installed without losing functionality.

The 1.11 version does not support Game Stages.

The 1.13 version requires Rift.

The 1.13.2 version requires Chocohead's fork of Rift, which can be downloaded here.

The Fabric version can be found here.



  • Everything is configurable.
  • Configuration GUI.
  • /vdcreload and /vdcreloadclient can be used to reload the configuration.
  • On Rift 1.13/1.13.2, the configuration is stored in a JSON and can only be reloaded through /vdcreload (on a server, the client-sided configuration cannot be reloaded).
  • Several configuration options such as the unlocker item and defense entity can be changed using Game Stages and CraftTweaker. Documentation can be found here.


  • Unlocker items. If an unlocker item is defined, players cannot interact with death unless they are holding the required amount of the item.
  • If defense.damageUnlockerInsteadOfConsume is set to true, unlocker items will be damaged by the configured amount instead of consumed.
  • A configurable message is shown when a player fails to unlock a death chest.
  • Once a death chest is unlocked, it can be freely opened or broken by the player it belongs to.
  • Defense entities. When a death chest is placed, a specified amount of defense entities will spawn on it.
  • Living defense entities do not automatically despawn.
  • If the defense entity supports revenge targets, the revenge target is set to the player that died.
  • The number of defense entities and custom NBT data can be configured.
  • By default, defense entities do not drop items or experience.
  • If defense entities stray too far away from their death chest or player, they are teleported back on top of the death chest. The maximum distances can be configured.
  • The unlocker item and defense entity are configured using registry names, e.g. minecraft:zombie_pigman. If a namespace (minecraft in this case) is not specified, minecraft is used by default. Note that the unlocker item metadata is specified in a separate configuration option.


  • By default, death chests are either single or double chests depending on how many items need to be stored.
  • This can be changed to be exclusively single chests, shulker boxes or single or double shulker boxes.
  • Shulker box colors can be configured or randomized.
  • Item registry name regular expression filter for items that can be put in death chests.
  • Option to use containers in player inventories to place death chests.
  • Configurable chat message when a death chest is spawned.
  • Death chest positions are logged and can be seen in the console.
  • The death chest location radius is configurable, and is 8 blocks by default.
  • By default, if a death chest location is not found within the configured radius, a death chest is forcibly placed anyway.
  • Option to make death chests only spawn on solid blocks. This is disabled by default because I think it is more interesting if death chests can spawn in the middle of the air.
  • Death chest spawning respects the spawnDeathChests gamerule. Its name and default value can be configured. On 1.14 and 1.15, there is a different gamerule called disableDeathChests by default, and its default value cannot be configured.
  • Items that don't fit or spawn in the death chest drop as normal.


  • When death chests are broken, only the items inside are dropped by default. This is done to prevent chest/shulker box farming.
  • Death chest protection. By default, a player's death chest can only be opened by that player. There are several configurable options, including protection period and bypass permission level.
  • Death chests disappear when they are emptied. This can be disabled.