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Vanilla Vistas has been updated to 1.16.5 and brings with it a bunch of improvements including the addition of the new vanilla worldgen blocks and (forge) modded biome support!


Note: Please make sure you use OpenTerrainGenerator-1.16.5-0.1.1 or above as it has some important fixes for oceans!



Vanilla Vistas is a world preset for Open Terrain Generator (required) that overhauls terrain generation and biome placement without adding its own custom biomes.


The aim is to make terrain that has lots of height variety without being difficult to walk across and ensure there is plenty of flat terrain for base building, providing a more picturesque and enjoyable exploration experience while maintaining a simple and vanilla feel.


All of the normal Vanilla structures are present and ore generation is identical to a normal Minecraft world.



Installing for single player (Forge) is easy, just drop the jar file in your mods folder and use the OTG World Creation Menu to add it as either your overworld or a separate dimension.


For servers there are a few more steps to follow, head over to the OTG Wiki page where you’ll find installation instructions for both Forge and Paper servers.



Does Vanilla Vistas have modded biome support?

As of 1.16.5, yes! Simply install your any and all of your favourite overworld biome mods and Vanilla Vistas will automatically insert them into the biome groups and generate them in the world. Easy!


Can I use this alongside other OTG presets?

Only one preset can be used as a replacement for the overworld, however using dimensions you can add as many as you like.


Can I use this as a dimension if my overworld is not an OTG world?

You can use OTG presets as dimensions or as an overworld replacement. It is even possible to start a vanilla (or other modded) overworld and add Skylands as a dimension through the single player world creation menu.


See the OTG wiki for more details on how to do this both in single player and on a server.


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