Valkyrien Skies

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Filename Valkyrien Warfare 0.9_pre_1.jar
Uploaded by almightyalmonds
Uploaded Jun 12, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 2.61 MB
Downloads 20,996
MD5 5c5c58c205651fef0e592cc4cbdcc1f5
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions


*Added feature to name and teleport directly to named ships
*Added ability to set bed spawn on ship
*Added new weapons and ammo types for the cannon
*Added tooltips and models for every item in VW
*Added all missing step sounds and particle effects onto ships
*Ships now dynamically change biome based on what terrain they exist in
*Added passenger chairs
*Added a ramming collision system (Ships break blocks when they hit them)
*Added a /VW help command
*Added explosive arrows, Thrust Relays, Thrust Wire, and Thrust Modulators
*Etherium Ore now spawns naturally underground
*Added recipes for most everything
*Added multiple tiers of Ether Compressors
*Implemented automatic control onto the Hovercraft Controller

*Fixed collision bugs
*Fixed Chicken Chunks compatibility
*Fixed conflicts with the World Border
*Fixed dupe bugs
*Fixed pressure plates and slime blocks
*Fixed pistons crashing the game
*Fixed Ships occasionally not loading Client-Side
*Rebalanced the mass of blocks

*Fixed launch crash with Sponge (Though not the other issues with Sponge)
*And countless other fixes and bugs not important enough to be mentioned