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Filename valkyrielib-1.16.5-
Uploaded by ValkyrieofNight
Uploaded Jul 21, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5
Size 1.24 MB
Downloads 996,635
MD5 70eb21a43afe3bd78f4985a2becca148
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- Added French translation. 

- Added Scrolling to scroll bars/panels. 

- Added some tooltips into Info Tablet 

- Added pre-client validation check to recipes. 

- Added all_with_blacklist, first_with_blacklist and first_preferred selectors for tag ingredients. 

- Added multiblock preview in auto-utility. 

- Replaced auto-utility 3 button function with list of orientations that the multiblock can preview/auto-build/break in. 

- Build buttons will only be enabled when the multiblock is not formed. 

- Currently formed Orientation will show up with a light-blue background. 

- Disabled Auto-Builder due to a bug. Use the preview button instead, it places fake block versions of the multiblock that can be right-clicked to replace with the required block. 

- Fixed bug in auto-utility that could cause auto-builder to create itself infinitely until it could actually build something. 

- Fixed some recipe registry null errors causing issues.

- Fixed some recipe registry crashes. 

- Fixed a bug where multiblocks would in some cases get stuck in their deforming state causing it to no longer attempt to form again. 

- Fixed CCU Tooltips not having consistent order of block requirements. 

- Fixed crash with colored blocks/tiles crashing in certain cases(Like entangling with Entangled Blocks). 

- Fixed empty nbt tags being added when a tile entity is picked up. 

- Fixed buggy validation of recipes on client. 

- Fixed Tile gui's not closing when tile was destroyed.

- Fixed ability to obtain Ghost Blocks that are used in Multiblock Previews

- Enabled preview block destroying with the Break Multiblock button.


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