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Valentine's Blessing (Lilypads, Roses, Cakes)

Use JEI for compatibility
requires fabric API and Terrablender for fabric versions 

Mod enhancing empty looking waters with colorful blooming lilypads and adds Valentine's day thematic decorations.
Lilypads spawn in certain waters according to colors. Light colored lilypads (pink, lilac) spawn in rivers,
bright colored lilypads (blue, magenta, tropical red) enhance swampy waters and white lilypads enrich icy frozen rivers.
All other blocks and items included are craftable using vanilla resources in the game.
Versions avaiable for both fabric and forge loader.
More informations and performance tips, as well as all recipes are avaiable here:VALENTINE'S BLESSING

 *If your world map was already generated, lilypads will spawn in newly generated chunks, simply generate new places by exploring your world.
*When placing a lilypad, make sure there is no sea grass right underneath it.

*Looking for shader compatibility?
I made a short guide and list of modded blocks that you can make compatible with shaders and enjoy your gameplay to it's fullest!

**Note for fabric users: This might solve some decisions dilemma, I can only recommend this, since I personally managed to run both betterend and betternether (quite complex fabric mods) on 1.20.1 forge 47.2.0 loader without serious issues so far. Remember always make backups! Sinytra Connector - Minecraft Mods - CurseForge

Few examples of models included:
Large wedding style cakes
Roses wall decorations in multiple colors
Enchanted love cookie with healing properties

Valentine's Blessing

*Tip1: if you'd like to build decorative fence around your base from roses, use random blocks to form your desired shape,
place your wall decorations and then destroy the blocks. Putting roses on leaves to create garden shrubs or shrubfence also looks decent.
*Tip 2: Collect roses.

For more information, check the images section For recipes it's recommended to use Just Enough Items (JEI), it will also appear in your minecraft book once if crafted via crafting table. 

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This mod is fully compatible with the following:
Just Enough Items (JEI) By mezz
Cooking for Blockheads By BlayTheNinth

Playable with the following mods:
BetterEnd (fabric)
BetterNether (fabric)
Terrestria, Traverse (fabric)
The Bumblezone (fabric)
Oh The Biomes You’ll Go (only fabric works)
Naturalist (fabric, forge)
Farmer’s Delight (fabric, forge)
Cooking for Blockheads (fabric, forge)
Traveler’s Backpack (fabric, forge)
Biomes’OPlenty (forge)
and their dependencies
*note, there can be more mods playable with this mod, but doesn’t have to


Common topics:


Keep in mind that these websites: CURSEFORGE and MODRINTH are the only sites where I published this mod, and any other sources besides curseforge and modrinth may contain viruses or other hidden softwares potentionally harmful.

Before letting me know there’s a bug, please check you are using compatible/playable mods mentioned above.
You can include this mod in your modpack/video but don't forget to leave credit.