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Valentine Mod


Hey stranger! 

Have you ever wanted a more romantic themed mod in Minecraft, a mod where you could get your significant other a bouquet? Or maybe a little kiss? Well then, you have found the right mod!


In this mod, you can mine the 2 new ores, the Valentine Ore and the Rainbow Ore, to craft amazing gear and gadgets!

Make the Staff of Love and heal yourself or a friend with the power of love, or craft the Heartbreaker and crush your enemies with the power of love!

You can also craft Hearts, as an simi early game healing strategy. Fight Cupid to get his epic heart gun, or slay hordes of the love crazyed Zombie Lovers!. This mod adds new scenes to PVP and a few cute things use if your playing with your special someone ;)

Hit "K" to kiss an entity while having a kiss in your Invetory. You get a kiss by rightclicking in the air with a Lipstick!

You can also fight the malevolent Card People roaming through the world, craft the King and Queen of Hearts, and be the ultimate valentines warrior.

Sooo what are you wating for? Install this amazing and Romantic mod into your world! It might even work with mods Like MCA (Havent testet) or just for cutesy modpacks! 


Mechanics of the King and Queen of Hearts:

Queen of Hearts is a unique weapon! You can rightclick in the air to change it into the Queens Stricker which is an amazing bow that requires Love Arrows, just rightclick on the ground and it will change back! You can place the Queen of Hearts on the ground to give everybody in the area Regeneration, or punch somebody to heal them (Only when its in the card form).


King of Hearts work similarly to the Queen of Hearts.

You can rightclick in the air to change it into the Royal Slasher, and then just rightclick the ground to turn it back. You can rightclick the air with the King of Hearts to get a strength buff, and same goes for the Royal Slasher. You can also punch somebody to give them Strength (Only when its in card form) 


And for those who wonder, the Cupids Gun requires Redstone to be shot.