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This mod allows you to access other mods content, quicker. Sort of. The basic idea is that you always need iron when playing modded minecraft with any amount of tech mods. Such as IndustrialCraft2, Thermal Expansion, RotaryCraft etc. What the mod provides is a way to obtain more resources so you can access the modded content of modpacks in a quicker fashion.


Modpacks / License

The mod is intended for use in modpacks. It was created for one. Go ahead! Just give credit to myself and madcock83, and link back here.

However, as it is very early stages of development, just inform me if you intend to use it in a pack. This is so I know what mods I can potentially expect errors from compatibility wise, if any. I won't care if you don't. It would just be nice to help me. :)


Main Features:

Swiss Army Knife: King of all tools. Has multiple features in one:

  • Pickaxe
  • Axe
  • Hoe
  • Shovel
  • Shears
  • Scoop (From Forestry)

If I missed a tool, let me know what tool and what mod.

By tool, I do not mean a wrench, I mean an item that is required to receive items from broken blocks. (Scoop for hives, and pickaxe for ores etc)



  • DecaNySodium Gem
  • Raw Iron - Dropped by Fool's Iron. When smelted, yields an Iron Ingot.
  • Raw Steel - When smelted, yields a Steel Ingot.
  • Transmogrification Stone - The whaaa? Basically, a crafting aid. Crafting this with a few items will combine them. Magic.
  • Unobtainium - A hard to obtain material. The crafting process currently can be seen in NEI. It will likely change in the future.


  • Unobtainium Armour - Very, very durable. And strong. Each piece of armour has it's own unique effect on the player when it is worn.
    • Helmet: Prevents drowning.
    • Chestplate: Allows creative style flight / other effect. Give me some ideas! (Not yet implemented)
    • Leggings: Small speed boost / other effect.  Give me some ideas! (Not yet implemented)
    • Boots: Prevents all fall damage.


  • Zombie Burger - Too much rotten flesh stinking out your base? A Zombie Burger restores 2 bars of hunger, but has very low saturation. it also provides the 'weakness' debuff for 15 seconds.


  • DecaNySodium Ore - Drops DecaNySodium Gems, the core resource required for most of the mod's content.
  • Fool's Iron - Coming across this ore, is not such a bad thing. It drops 1 or 2 Raw Iron.
  • Fool's Gold - Not quite gold. It drops between 1 and 3 gold nuggets. 
    • The generation of all of these ores can be disabled in the configuration file.


  • DecaNySodium Tools: Eliminate the need for diamond tools. Save them for advanced technology.
  • Unobtainium Tools: Not so unobtainable. Very hard to craft, though. Very quick, very sturdy, and very enchantable.
    • The durability of these tools (and the Swiss Army Knife) can be changed in the configuration file.


To Do list / Upcoming features

  • Configs - Some examples below
    • Balance Tweaks for certain aspects of the tools and armour
  • Make the crafting of Unobtainium a unique experience. (Not a bunch of normal crafting recipes)
  • Add Useful bags, for example the Tool Bag. Concept on GitHub under 'open issues'.

  • Tinkers' Construct Integration: This was in the 1.7.10 version, but TiC has had a rewrite and as such the API is different. The feature will be back soon.

This is a mod originally created for the DNS Techpack. This version is a re-write of the old one, which was made in MCreator by the previous maintainer. This version is made by myself with Forge, and not MCreator. Again, I must reiterate that this mod is NOT balanced yet.


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