Upgraded Wolves

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CI CI 1.16

This mod improves the interactions with wolves by adding 3 different types of wolves.

This mod adds new wolves types to the game in order to make wolves more interesting. Wolves gain stats, are able to hold items, and will play with toys.

Wolf types will transform to other wolf types when the owner holds a food item while performing an action such as killing a mob or breaking an ore block.

Strength Tut Scavenger Tut Show Tut Feed the pup

The fighter wolf is the strongest variant of all wolves and is able to level up the strength variable faster than other wolf types.

The fighter wolf will automatically attack all enemies when it is smart enough and will automatically attack creepers when it is strong enough.

Fighter Wolf

The scavenger wolf automatically collects items and holds more items

The scavenger wolf levels up speed faster than wolf types


Wolf Toys:

Wolf Toys

Flying disk -A throwable disk with a rediculous crafting recipe

Flying Disk

Tennis Ball -A throwable ball that wolves will chase.

Tennis Ball

Mob Plushies -Plushies for wolves to play with

Mob Plushies

Tug of war rope -A rope to play with your Wolf

Golden Bones -A golden colored bone that levels up your wolf more quickly


Creeper Plush Recipe

Flying Disk Recipe

Golden Bone Recipe

Skeleton Plush Recipe

Tennis Ball Recipe

Tug Of War Recipe

Zombie Plushe Recipe


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