Upgrade Aquatic

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Filename Upgrade-Aquatic-1.14.4-v1.4.8.jar
Uploaded by paradiscal
Uploaded Jan 30, 2020
Game Version 1.14.4
Size 2.09 MB
Downloads 6,859
MD5 d5dd23855ad37da71e42f938924748d1
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions


----added tooth bricks- surround a thrasher tooth with stone bricks for 8, also have stairs, slabs and walls
----added chiseled tooth bricks- crafted with two tooth brick slabs
----added tooth doors and trapdoors- they close shortly after being opened, or otherwise open shortly after being closed, crafted with teeth only
----tooth tiles are now crafted with smooth stone instead of quartz
----all tooth blocks are now statistically identical to end stone instead of stone
----walls are now in the decorations tab
----you can now bonemeal pickerelweed to make it double high when underwater
----fixed a couple of blocks not having lang strings for some reason (thanks bagel for pointing this out and PRing the fix)
----fixed variant chiseled coralstone not being craftable via stonecutter
----fixed a crash when feeding searockets to a brown mooshroom aka removed searockets from the small_flowers tag
----fixed squid in a bucket not acting like a bucket with dispensers and not granting tactical fishing
----fixed acan coral block not being craftable
----fixed yellow bedroll particles being 15x16 and causing high mipmap settings to be lowered
----fixed tooth slab recipe requiring tooth slabs instead of tooth tiles