Upgrade Aquatic

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Filename Upgrade-Aquatic-1.14.4-v1.4.5.jar
Uploaded by minecraftabnormals
Uploaded Jan 6, 2020
Game Version 1.14.4
Size 2.02 MB
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MD5 fff099b4dd8a33e9ece9c6ff69408577
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions


-added potion of vibing- the opposite of repellence, which gives mobs that touch you regeneration

-thrashers spawn 5x more than usual at night, the rate at day is unchanged

-flares no longer despawn

-driftwood button no longer has a collision box

-beachgrass thatch now has a fluffier model

-fixed repellence being instant unless extended

-thrasher sonar is no longer pulled by bubble columns

-changed the sounds of the elder eye, pickerelweed, flowering rush and prismarine coral