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---Added Flare:
-Phantoms turn into flares when afflicted with insomnia, vice versa with restfulness
-Die to insomnia
-Will target anything without insomnia
-Not undead
-Otherwise similar to phantoms

---Added Thrasher Tooth
-Drops from the thrasher (which doesn’t spawn yet)
-Can be converted into 6 bone meal
-Can be found in buried treasure and big ocean ruins
-Can craft and repair tridents

---Added Tooth Block
-Decorative block crafted from 1 thrasher tooth and 8 quartz blocks (yields 8)
-Can be turned into stairs, slabs and walls

—-Added Prismarine Rod Bundle
-Crafted from 9 prismarine rods
-Can be crafted back
-Works as a frame block for the conduit

---Added Beachgrass
-Spawns in huge dunes on beaches and can only be placed on sand
-Drops beetroot seeds instead of wheat
-Pretty much acts like grass
-Makes beach grass thatch, a building block

-- Added Flowering Rush
-A double tall flower that requires water in the bottom half, but air at the top
-Can be turned into 2 pink dye
-Produce more when bonemealed
-Generate in small groups at the sides of rivers
-Can be composted

---Added Pickerelweed Blocks                                                                        
-Crafted with 9 of any pickerelweed, including boiled ones and can be crafted back
-Can be composted and smelted
-Have a top, side and bottom texture, can be rotated in any direction                                                                                                   

-You can sink into the top of the blocks (the purple/blue bit), a little bit like soul sand                                                                                                                                          

-Sinking into raw blocks slows movement like pickerelweed, pike are of course immune to this

-Sinking into boiled blocks doesn't affect movement              
-Pickerelweed blocks can also be waterlogged, so the top can be swam in and used as a crawl space                                                                                                 

-You cannot see whether pickerelweed blocks are waterlogged unless you go inside
-Being inside a pickerelweed block allows you to look out the solid side, effectively a 1 way glass scenario      

---Added Driftwood
-Acts like any other wood, but has no leaves/saplings
-Its logs are found in beaches, rivers, swamps and oceans, floating in the water or resting on the land         
-Is common fishing junk in stacks of five
---Reorganized Pike
-Pike are now more organized and split into rarity categories, including a legendary category with some rare fantasy pike
-10 new pike variants are added
-Pike’s spawn boost when pickerelweed is nearby has been nerfed

---Added Coralstone
-16 crafted from a nautilus shell surrounded by stone
-Has stairs, slabs, walls and chiseled versions of every variant
-Coral blocks (including prismarine coral) spread onto it, creating coral covered coralstone, which doesn’t die on land
-Covered coralstone requires silk touch to mine, or will turn into dead or elder covered coralstone
-Covered coralstone can be sheared to revert back to the default variant
-Covered coralstone will grow coral/coral fans/coral showers if powered by redstone and underwater
-In addition, coral blocks can now be crafted from 4 corals/coral fans/coral showers, so all coral is properly renewable

---Added Kelp Blocks and Kelpy Cobblestone
-Kelp blocks are just a raw version of dried kelp blocks, they can be smelted into dried kelp blocks
-Kelpy cobblestone can be crafted with kelp and cobblestone, it makes stairs, slabs and walls
-Both related to a feature that we plan to add at some point

---Added Thrasher
-Incomplete - Will be fully implemented once a forge pr gets accepted
-Doesn’t spawn naturally yet
-More info when properly added, alternatively discuss/test on our discord server

---Added Kelp Variants
-Unobtainable in survival
-More info when properly added, alternatively discuss/test on our discord server


Tweaks/Bug Fixes:

---Removed the insomnia overlay (for the most part) it can still be enabled in the config
---Removed the drowned drop corals feature, as it’s now redundant, inventory clogging and you can add it with a datapack
---Pike and lionfish are now found more often with a fishing rod
---Pickerelweed no longer slows flying players
---Elder eyes now only detect living mobs
---Retextured silk coral block
---Fixed loot table injections conflicting with other mods (contributed by duely)
---Fixed up tags, this means dolphins eat fish, etc.
---Fixed nautiluses moving at lightspeed
---Pickerelweed now spawns in abundance in bloomful’s wisteria forest
---Bedrolls can now be re-dyed and accept any wool rather than just white
---Fixed searocket suspicious stew not being shapeless
---Fixed petal coral blocks dropping brain coral blocks
---Fixed pickerelweed not being smeltable in the smoker
---Insomnia/restfulness instant effects now have icons
---Updated most pickerelweed textures to various extents
---Updated various translations, credit goes to the respective translators
---Reworked particles internally so they now work with commands
---UA trades now use the proper forge method