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Filename Upgrade Aquatic Wave Two - Alpha v1.0.2.jar
Uploaded by SmellyModder
Uploaded Jul 17, 2019
Game Version 1.14.3
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MD5 242e6e4072e5caab949b40475574d774
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* Made Elder eye redstone get sent to all sides of the block

* Elder eyes no longer detect paintings and item frames

* New Coral Block's hardness was off


* Made Phantoms only attack Insomniacs(Player's who haven't slept in 3 days or more)

* Dispensers can now bucket fish in addition to releasing them

* Tweaked Nautilus Spawning to be more common


* Added Embedded Ammonite - If you think nautiluses are too cute to kill, you can go the peaceful route and smelt this rare ore that spawns at any height in oceans and beach biomes, a good reason to visit stone shores!

* Added Jelly Torches - Currently unobtainable (yes, jellyfish soon!), underwater torches that come in 8 colors (no colored lighting)

* Added Prismarine Rod - Crafted with two prismarine in a slant formation

* Added Bedrolls - Beds that don't set spawn, craft one from 5 leather and 1 wool and then dye it in any color, a necessity with the addition of phantoms. Bedrolls can also be used underwater without water breathing

* Added Insomnia Overlay - When phantoms are able to spawn because of you, a subtle first person overlay will start to appear in the overworld (configurable)

* Added Insomnia and Restfulness Potions - Restfulness decreases your insomnia timer by 1 or 2 days, based on potion level and is brewed with cocoa beans. Insomnia does the opposite by increasing your timer and can be brewed with a fermented spider eye and restfulness. Both can be brewed into splash, lingering and arrows, the latter being especially useful as restfulness potions deal huge damage to phantoms

* Added Translations - Japanese, Russian and lolcat, credits listed on our curseforge

* Added Mod Logo