Unwrecked Ships (Forge)




This is the Forge version!

Fabric mod available here

Datapack available here

Have you ever wondered how the shipwrecks in vanilla Minecraft would look in their prime? Wonder no longer, for this datapack adds shipwrecks repaired and sailing again, naturally generating in your world! They come with few changes (e.g., sails and lanterns), and only come in their vanilla design.


 Unwrecked Ships Base adds 7 ship variants, using only the wood-types and combinations available in vanilla, and only white sails.

 Unwrecked Ships Plus adds every combination of wood-type and sail color in the game, as well as Nether ships that use Nether-only woods. In addition, some ships can have sailors, such as Villagers, Pillagers, and Piglins for the Nether ships.


This datapack should be compatible with most world generation mods straight out of the box, but if there are any incompatibilities, please add them as an issue in the issues tab.





This version of Unwrecked Ships requires Forge Mod Loader.

  • Download and install a version of Forge compatible with the version of the mod you are using.
  • Locate your .minecraft directory. If there is a "mods" folder inside open it, otherwise create one and open it.
  • Download Unwrecked Ships and place the .jar file inside the mods folder.
  • Launch Minecraft with the newly created Forge installation.


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