Unofficial Wild Update Recreation


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This mod aims to recreate all of the features showcased in the 2021 Minecraft Live relating to the 1.19 Wild Update.


Current Features:

- 3 Variants of frogs for each temperature

- Tadpoles, feed them seagrass to decrease growing time. They can be carried in buckets.

- Fireflies in swamps

- New Mangrove trees, including all parts of the wood set (except doors, fence gates and trapdoors)

- Propagules which grow on Mangrove trees, they fall down and plant themselves automatically.

- Functional Boats with Chests! (missing paddles)

- Mud and Mud Bricks (including full brick set)

- Sculk blocks

- Sculk Catalyst, transforms nearby experience orbs into sculk blocks.

- Sculk Veins

- Sculk Shrieker (somewhat buggy)

- Warden, hears the player walk but not when they're sneaking or on carpet/wool (not spawning naturally)

- Clay renewability, place mud on top of a block that has an iron bar underneath and wait.


Known Bugs:

- Sculk Veins dont rotate

- Mangrove planks may not work for some recipes


Missing Features:

- Sculk Veins can't be placed on walls or ceilings

- Deep Dark Cities

- Allays, copper golem or glare (may not get implemented)

- Deep Dark Biome

- Warden reacting to other sounds