Universal Remote

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Ever want a wireless... crafting grid? chest? almost any block from any mod in the game?

Now you can! 

Use Universal Remote to access all the things from anywhere.


Spotlight by MrBigcheesecake:


The universal remote control is a forge energy powered tool which allows you to access the GUI of any block from any mod at any distance.  For example, you could remotely access a vanilla chest or crafting table and use them even if they are not near by. This also works with modded blocks from mods like Refined Storage, Applied Energistics, or RFTools. Now you can reach your storage from anywhere with one simple handheld device!

The universal remote control also works on levers, buttons, or almost anything else the player can activate with by right clicking on the block.

Operation of the device is simple. Shift right-click on a block to bind to it. Then, right click in the air to activate the bound block!

And yes, the remotes work anywhere in any dimension. One catch though- the further away you are from the bound block, the more power is used. Activation across dimensions is even more expensive. (Note: single dimension power usage is capped to not exceed cross-dimension usage cost.)


Here is the recipe:



TODO list:

 - Try to fix any issues with blocks from various mods. Please report these!


 - Upgrades instead of working across dimensions out of the box


Finally, yes, you may use this mod in your modpack. Just please let me know if you do! :)


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