Unique Crops

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Filename uniquecrops-1.12.2-0.1.97.jar
Uploaded by BlueNeenja
Uploaded Dec 20, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 4.79 MB
Downloads 2,377
MD5 278abc2e9b6d4b558fbdbb55ed3c6fbb
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


- fix crash involving the debug pie menu
- fix block hardness of bucket on a rope
- fix redstone output/update of precision crop
- tweak JEI information for fascino enchanting to be more informative at a glance
- buff escape rope to be useful in the nether
- nerf stacking harvest traps near each other
- hide staff overlay when chat is open
- add table of contents to multiblocks book
- add information for some items and blocks in JEI
- make waffles cookable instead of being a straight drop from the crops
- add 2 food
- add new music discs to be dropped by the musica crop