Ungrab Mouse Mod

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Have you ever tried to use a keyboard/mouse macro program to automate your daily minecraft chores? I have. However, even after setting up a macro I couldn't find a nice, easy and stable way to get away from minecraft while the automated macros played their game! So I made a mod. :)

 This is a simple mod to allow players to ungrab the mouse to do other things on their PCs while the game runs undisturbed.

You can set a keybind to ungrab in the controlls. Default is 'U'.
Press the ungrab key to ungrab the mouse while in-game.
Press it again to regrab.

It also has some configurable options:-
1. blockClicksOnRegrab: If set to true, this tries to block clicks when the mouse is ungrabbed.
2. clicktoregrab: If set to true, the mouse will be regrabbed if it is clicked while in-game.
3. regrabOnGUIchange: If set to true, the mouse will be regrabbed whenever a new GUI is opened.

All Options can be changed in-game from the Forge's config window or you can also change the config file directly which can be found in the config directory.

You can use it in your modpack.
You're welcome :)

To View the source code visit

The GitHub Page

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