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Textures are going to get updated

Compatibility with other mods is not guaranteed

The mod is updating very frequently (probably), so it is lacking test and balancing. If you see any bug or have any suggestion to the mod, please comment or join the discord discussion group so I can fix them.

If you don't want to comment, you can do the survey (link). It is important that I can receive feedback from you, because I believe both of us want to make the mod better.


Discord: https://discord.gg/VNSZ4a8



A Mod to add new ocean biomes into the game, along with new entities and structures. More important, you can see this as an adventurous mod, because you will defeat different bosses and collect new

weapons/accessory throughout the game.




It is quite similar to subnautica, you are force landing on an unknown planet with only water. To survive in the planet, you have to pick up the knowledge learned by crafting different recipes and exploring different biomes, and use the knowledge to unlock new recipes. Whereas, you find out that there is not only technology, 


Advancement System


Now, even if you have the have the ingredient and know the recipe, you cannot craft the item unless you unlock it in the new advancement system (the vanilla recipes are not locked). To unlock the recipes, you need knowledge. The knowledge in the game is divided into Chemistry [C], Biology [B], Physics [P], and Occult [O]. Different recipes need different knowledge (knowledge is not consumed while unlocking, but higher tier recipes need more knowledge), and some needs two or more occupations of knowledge.


 The ways to get knowledge:


- Every morning you can get a blueprint fragment, right click to get free knowledge point.

- Crafting new items for three times, you can get a free knowledge point. (You can find the progress on the spaceship driving recorder)

- Explore the chest in the research station remains.

- Explore the new biomes you havent been to before (a knowledge point in random occupation) 


PS: Remember to open the Advancement Screen to see you progress on unlocking recipes. If you dont know the recipes after unlocking them, go to the RecipeBook.

PS: To use the free knowledge, press C/B/P/O on the keyboard in the Advancement Screen to add the according knowledge.


Oxygen and Temperature


How can you breathe in a place with only water? Oxygen tank. At the start of the game you will get an oxygen tank, but if you want more water tanks and more time underwater, you have to unlock more recipes in the advancement system. To refill the oxygen tank, right click the Oxygen Holder on the wall of the escape shuttle.

You will also cool down in the water, you temperature drops faster in the place deeper. And the cold resistance and heat resistance on the equipment can help you ease the your pressure on temperature.


The generation of underwater Research Station Remains


A totally random generation like village, you will see the totally different research station each time/

In the chest, you can find both the supply and blueprint (blueprint can unlock a recipe without knowledge).

Some rooms have a lot chest, and you dont need to worry the living after this. Sometimes the chests are buried under iron block, but some rooms have no chest.

If you go to a deeper biome, or a biome with higher difficulty, you will find larger research station remains and better blueprints.



How to start the mod?


Create a world with survival mode and the world type of WaterWorld, you will spawn with a spaceship driving recorder which you can find the location of the escape shuttle (it is just near the spawning point). Then, you can explore the world the way you want!


If you start a normal world, the new biomes will still be generated but the new advancement system and escape shuttle will not work.


Advice to a starter 


- First thing is to unlock the recipe of underwater torch, because even in the day, some biomes can be very dark. 

- Make a knife to kill fish and harvest corals, smelt the coral sticks into normal sticks and use the sticks to craft planks

- The leather suit is important because it is the most efficient way to add cold resistance.

- Unlock the recipe on temperature meter, because you need to escape the cold zone before you are freezing.

- If your computer is not good enough, dont use the electric torch because moving light source is not optimized. 


useful mods


Just enough item : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/jei : show craft


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