Ultra Hard Coremod

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(No, this mod is not a coremod. That's the joke)

A mod that allows people to create Modded UHC's.


It implements a book similar to the one from UHC Blox.

Within the book you can change all the UHC settings. If there's a setting missing note me and I'll add it.

If there's any mod support you'd like just create an issue on the Github


The mod is highly inspired by Gerrybrano's UHC Blox.


Crafttweaker support:

//Auto Conversion

mods.ultrahardcoremod.conversion.addConversion(IItemStack input, IItemStack result , IItemStack result2 etc (max of 9));

//Auto Cook

mods.ultrahardcoremod.autocook.addRecipe(IItemStack stack, IItemStack stack2, float experience); mods.ultrahardcoremod.autocook.removeRecipe(IItemStack output);

//Spawn Items (if ever you want people to start the uhc with specific items)
mods.ultrahardcoremod.starting.addStartingGear(IItemStack input, IItemStack result , IItemStack result2 etc (max of 9));

//Twilight forest boss respawn

//Example position = "-1,6,100"

//Example boss = "hydra"

mods.ultrahardcoremod.twilight.boss.addBoss(String position, String boss);


//Change Entity Data upon it's spawn (For advanced users AKA users that are familiar with the /entityData command)

//Example entityID String = "minecraft:wolf"

//Example IEntityDefinition = <entity:minecraft:wolf>

//Example dataChange = "{Attributes:[{Name:generic.maxHealth,Base:10}],Health:10.0f}" (Changes health of the mob to 10)

mods.ultrahardcoremod.datachanger.changeData(String entityID, String dataChange);

mods.ultrahardcoremod.datachanger.changeData(IEntityDefinition entity, String dataChange);



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