Twitter2MC - Twitter in Minecraft!

1,222 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 30, 2016 Game Version: 1.9

Hello, and welcome to my third mod. This mod works with the Twitter API, and can be used with any Twitter account that you have logged in.

Currently, it has two simple features: You can post Tweets, and have Tweets in home timeline appear in Minecraft chat, as well as favorites, direct messages, and retweets.


The installation is a bit different. On top of putting the mod in your mods folder, you need two of the Twitter API jar files. These are included in the zip files, so just drag everything in those into the mods folder and it should work fine.


Unfortunately, you need to authenticate every time you start the game.

To authenticate with Twitter, when you are in a world, press "O" (default, can be changed) to open the Twitter2MC main page. Press Get PIN, which will open a link in your web browser. In the browser, it will ask if you want to allow Twitter2MC to have access to your account. Press accept, and it will go to a page where there will be 7 digits. Copy these, and paste them into the text box in Minecraft and click "Authenticate". Now, it should be authenticated and connected to your Twitter account!


Sending a Tweet and/or toggling whether tweets appear in chat is just as easy. Again, press "O" (the default keybind), and you can toggle the tweets showing in chat option, as well as send a Tweet.


Thank you for taking the time to look at this mod!



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