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Long waited update is finally here! ðŸŽ‰ 1.14 Adaptation is alive!

Check user manual for better information: https://igoodie.gitbook.io/twitchspawn/

You can say hi to us by giving our Discord Server a visit! (https://discord.gg/KNxxdvN)


Brief Summary

TwitchSpawn is a Minecraft mod designed for Twitch streamers using 3rd party streaming platforms!

It listens for live events related to your Twitch channel using various Socket APIs. Then it handles those events with the rules handcrafted by you!

Preview #1Preview #2


How to use?

Complete user manual can be found on https://igoodie.gitbook.io/twitchspawn/



1. All the events!

Thanks to the power of SocketIO, the mod is now able to respond to a wide variety of events! Donations, follows, subscriptions, resubs, bits and many more events including for Youtube and Mixer as well! List of supported streaming platforms:

• Streamlabs - (https://dev.streamlabs.com/docs/socket-api)

• StreamElements - (https://developers.streamelements.com/websockets



2. Your own, readable rules!

The mod now comes with its own language to understand you: TwitchSpawn Language (TSL)! With TSL, declaring event handling rules (rule sets) is piece of cake! It is easily understandable. (E.g following sequence is a valid TSL script: DROP minecraft:diamond ON Twitch Follow)

(See ðŸ“œ TSL Basics - https://igoodie.gitbook.io/twitchspawn/twitchspawn-language/tsl-basics)


3. One server, multiple streamers!

The mod is capable of parsing more than one ruleset, which makes it possible for multiple streamers to use TwitchSpawn on the same server!

(See ðŸ“„ credentials.toml - https://igoodie.gitbook.io/twitchspawn/reference/configurations/credentials.toml)

Exemplar credentials.toml:


4. Way better customizability

You can customize the text that is shown on an action, with an easy JSON format and well known Minecraft Text Component syntax!

(See ðŸ’¿ Minecraft JSON Text Components - https://github.com/skylinerw/guides/blob/master/java/text%20component.md)

(See ðŸ“˜ Customizing Messages - https://igoodie.gitbook.io/twitchspawn/basics/customizing-messages)

Exemplar messages.title.json:


5. More reliable than before!

Unlike the previous (1.12.x) versions, errors will not cause Minecraft to crash with no report. Instead it is aimed to show errors to the user as much as possible. If you're facing any sort of problem, do not hasitate giving our Discord Server a visit!

(👾 Discord Invite: https://discordapp.com/invite/KNxxdvN)

Error Display Preview


Special Thanks

Special thanks to each one of those beautiful people:

  • * ToastNomNomNom - For reaching me, motivating me for a whole new paradigm and helping me do the alpha testings!
  • * Köfteistköfte - For his amazing OS_RUN action idea and testings!
  • * AdmiralLemon - For his bug reports and helps on debugging!
  • * Darkphan - For his precious Github issues and suggestions!
  • * iskall85 - For reaching me and motivating me for a 1.12.x refactor/port!
  • * TheGreatGildersneeze - For his amazing TwitchSpawn server and correction on a misleading documentation page!
  • * JimilT92 - For his amazing insight on placeholder expressions and detailed issues!
  • * BisUmTo - For his priceless bug-reports and endless effort on debugging them!
  • * Diaval - For his epic memes and pair programming sessions!
  • * My Guildies: Elanor & Vaelios - For preparing German and French translations!
  • * And every single person in our Discord Server for keeping us motivated on this project!



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