Last Updated: Jan 14, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


Jul 30, 2017

Owner: iGoodiex

Brief Summary

TwitchSpawn is an in-dev mod, which is designed for Twitch streamers using Streamlabs. The mod provides supply drops to the streamer as his/her viewers donate or subscribe. Rewards are hand defined by the streamer in a very basic config file structure!


(Detailed info about how to start can be found in TwitchSpawn Wiki page)

(Detailed info about config.json can be also found in TwitchSpawn Wiki page)

There are some required configs (Found in config/TwitchSpawn/config.json) before the mod works properly.

API tokens are the very first thing you would like to add. There are 2 different tokens can be gathered from Streamlabs; API Access Token and Socket API Token. TwitchSpawn uses them to communicate with Streamlabs!

Login to your Streamlabs account. Navigate to API Settings page from the left menu. Finally switch the tab to “API Tokens”, and voilà, you can copy access_token and socket_api_token from here.


Streamlabs API Tokens Tab


Moving on, nicknames should be filled with streamer’s nicknames. Otherwise, streamer will not have sufficient permissions to execute /twitchspawn commands. Fortunately, it is so easy to edit! Just change the values of streamer_mc_nick and streamer_twitch_nick fields to your nicknames, like so;

"streamer_mc_nick": "iGoodie",
"streamer_twitch_nick": "iGoodiex"

And finally, rewards should be declared. There are currently 5 event rewarding system; ,streamlabs donations, twitch follows, twitch hosts twitch bits and twitch subscriptions. An examplar rewards config will be created upon the very first load of the mod. The reward entries should be in ascending order. Following bit_rewards example is a valid one:

"bit_rewards": [
  "minimum_bit": 0,
  "items": [ "minecraft:stick", "minecraft:apple" ]
  "minimum_bit": 100,
  "items": [ "minecraft:diamond_block" ]

If you want to have no reward for an event, just leave the reward array empty, like so;

"donation_rewards": []

How to use?

You should use some in-game commands to start/stop the mod. These commands are;

  • /twitchspawn start - Starts the mod with the loaded configs
  • /twitchspawn stop - Stops the mod
  • /twitchspawn status - Displays the status of the mod (ON/OFF)
  • /twitchspawn reloadcfg - Reloads all the configs without requiring restart
  • /twitchspawn test <name> <amount> [type] - Simulates an event for test purposes

In-game SS

Future Goals

  • Mixer & Youtube alerts are also handled properly. (Still TwitchSpawn? Or MoreThanTwitchSpawn?)

  • Reward gathering system (Blocks and items) is going to be designed & implemented

  • More than item drops! For example entity spawning, structure generating or even scriptable changes in-game! (Need to integrate scripting API before)


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