Twitch Notifier

Last Updated: May 6, 2016 Game Version: 1.9


Dec 8, 2014

Owner: FireBall1725

Twitch Notifier

Twitch notifier is a Client only mod that adds alerts in game for Twitch and StreamTip Events.  Current alerts are New Tip, New Follower, and New Subscriber.

How to Install and Configure

Download the latest version of Twitch Notifier and drop into mods folder, Start minecraft then quit once it is fully loaded.  In your config folder will be a configuration file called twitchnotifier.cfg, open this in your text editor of choice and enter the required information.  See Wiki for more info on how to setup the configuration file.

Readme (WIP)

Mod Pack Usage

This mod is not technically designed for use in mod packs because it should only be loaded if using it, so it should be an optional client side mod.  Because of this, I request that you send me a message for using this mod in your pack, please let me know what your pack is and how this mod would fit into your pack.  I may change this policy in the future for this mod if I change how it works.  Thanks.


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