Strange how some blocks are missing in Twilight Forest even though it looks like they would be AMAZING additions?

This addon mod introduces the missing blocks as well as making Towerwood a fully-fledged wood type! Over 100 new blocks have been added, so this should be plenty for builders!

List of new blocks:

  • Aurora Stairs and Walls (Tintable!)
  • Auroralized Glass Panes
  • Castle Brick Slabs and Walls (+ Bold, Encased, Cracked, Worn, and Mossy variant)
  • Castle Brick Tiles, including stairs, slabs, and walls. Inherits the tile texture seen on one side of Encased Castle Brick Stairs.
  • Deadrock Slabs and Stairs (+ Cracked & Weathered)
  • Thorn wood set. The toughest wood set out there!
  • Towerwood wood set to put Towerwood planks to a good use!
  • Mossy Towerwood Slabs and Stairs
  • Mazestone Slabs, Stairs, and Walls (+ Cut, Brick, and Mossy Brick variant)
  • Large Mazestone Bricks, inheriting the same textures on advancement background. Includes stairs, slabs, and walls.
  • Nagastone Slabs (Left & Right variant, includes Mossy and Weathered)
  • Underbrick Slabs, Stairs, and Walls (+ Cracked and Mossy variant)
  • Trollsteinn stone set! Comes in Polished, Brick, and Chiselled variant. You can craft the regular, polished, and brick variants into stairs, slabs, and walls.
  • Stone Tile set and its mossy variant, inheriting the same tile textures seen on some Nagastone blocks.

List of new changes:

  • You can smelt Aurora blocks into Auroralized Glass, allowing you to obtain those blocks in survival.
  • Thorns can be obtained in survival with the completed Thorncutter axe. Thorns placed in survival cannot spread to prevent griefing.


This addon requires having the Twilight Forest mod installed to function.


You may add this to your modpack as long as you give credit! :)

You may port this mod to Fabric if you desire. It will mean a lot!

Backports to 1.12.2 or 1.7.10 will NOT happen. Please do not ask. You may NOT backport to 1.12.2 or earlier.