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Filename tweakeroo-1.12.1-0.5.0.litemod
Uploaded by masady
Uploaded Jul 3, 2018
Game Version 1.12.1
Size 97.54 KB
Downloads 62
MD5 69fef7dea7f42ef58f3385a6b19c82d2
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  • First version uploaded to Curse
  • Changelog thus far:
    • 0.5.0:
      - Added a "swap low durability tools from hand" tweak

      - Added an Inventory Preview tweak. It only works in single player though... (unless Carpet mod were to gain some new things for this)
      - Added support for the recent Carpet mod accurate block placement protocol
      - Added a "non-canceling movement keys" tweak - the last pressed key from opposite movement keys takes precedence
      - Fixed not being able to fast-place blocks inside fluids (yay for hack fixes for inconsistent vanilla code)

      - Added a Hand Restocking tweak
      - Added a "After Clicker" tweak (useful for placing Repeaters for example)
      > To quickly adjust the click count, hold down the toggle keybind for it and scroll with the mouse
      - Improved hotkey handling, used hotkeys now cancel further processing
      - Fixed the flexible block placement mode being completely broken in 0.2.x

      - Fixed the gamma override not working if toggled via the settings menu instead of the keybind
      - Added Nessie's hacky :niceandclean: version of lava vision, which is Optifine compatible

      - Fixed/improved the Flexible Block Placement mode, especially when targeting top or bottom face of blocks
      - Implemented a lava vision tweak, which works with Water Breathing potion and Respiration helmets (effect increases by enchantment level)
      - Added a gamma override tweak ("gamma bright")
      - Added a fast right clicking tweak
      - Added a fast left clicking tweak
      - Separated the old Fast Block Placement tweak into three modes: Plane, Face & Column

      - Fixed a lockup with the fast block placement feature

      - Added separate keybinds for the flexible block placement modes, and improves their behaviour

      - Included tweaks:
      > tweakFastBlockPlacement
      > tweakFlexibleBlockPlacement
      > tweakHotbarSwap
      > tweakNoFallingBlockEntityRendering
      > tweakNoItemSwitchRenderCooldown
      > tweakNoLightUpdates
      > tweakEmptyShulkerBoxesStack