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Hello guys!

This is my first minecraft mod!


About the mod:

This mod provides easy-to-use in-game GUI screens that help you to edit the Craft Tweaker zenscripts visually.

You can simply use the [Recipe Maker] to [shift + right-click] on a block (machines, furnace, or crafting table) to open the recipe maker GUI for the specific block. The Recipe Maker is in [tools tab].


For now, the idea and the frame for this mod are basically finished.


Why I make this mod:

One day, I suddenly want to make a 1.12 modpack. When I tried to make some custom recipes using Craft Tweaker, but I found that the reload command was removed. This means if I make any mistake when making scripts, I'll have to restart the game again and again to fix it, and this is fatal when there is a lot of mods. I tried to find mods that bring back the reload or adding in-game for all mods but I failed. So, I began to work this mod which provides the functions I need.



Recipe Makers for:

  • Vanilla: Crafting Table, Furnace
  • Extended Crafting: 4 Tables, Ender Crafter, Compressor, Combination Crafting


  • Advanced item settings (OreDictionary, Damage, NBT, and Meta)

Currently working on: Thermal Expansion support


If you have any suggestion for this mod, or you find some bugs, please put it in comment :D


A simple tutorial is HERE


Change Log:

v 0.1-alpha:
     The first version of this mod.
     Only have Crafting Table Recipe Maker.
v 0.2-alpha:
     Added Furnace Recipe Maker.

v 0.2.1-alpha:

    GUI fix.

v 0.3-alpha:

    The advance item settings half-finished.

v 0.4-alpha

    Rewrite part of codes to get prepared for future update.

    Advanced mod fully functional now.

    Add more bugs.

v 0.4.1-alpha:

    Bug fix.

v 0.4.2-alpha:

    Bug fix.

v 0.5-beta:

    You can now export recipe directly into a zs file.

    The recipe maker now support Extended Crafting.



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