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This is a library mod that myself and a few other modders use to make their lives easier. It also includes some features for the player, such as:

  • Adds a config option to enable tooltips that show all oredict registrations and/or registry name on an item
  • Adds a '/reloadConfigs' command to reload configs from disk of any (supported) mod
  • Adds a config to remove void fog
  • Adds recipes from 2 slabs -> full block
  • Fixes a few vanilla annoyances (boats now stack to 16, beds have the correct sounds, paper shapeless recipe)
  • Adds a config to change the max level on anvil repairs (no more "Too Expensive!")
  • Adds a special something for achievements
  • Adds an enchant called "XP Boost" to increase XP drops from mob kills
  • Adds an enchant called "Auto Smelt" that smelts mined items and blocks automatically
  • Adds the ability to right click on crops to harvest them. What crops and how it works can be configured in the provided cropConfig.json.

And more to come!

This mod is currently required for:

And has compatability built in to: