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After 3 years, we're back.

Disclaimer: DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY! If you are offended by this, it's all just a joke (like the chances of this mod actually getting popular). This is a work of fiction. Certain characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the developer's monkey house of a brain. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events are fictional, even if they are real. No humans were harmed in the development of this mod other than that time I tripped over the sidewalk in the 7th grade trying to show my neighbor the mod.

As of May 31st, the majority of the features have been moved to the GitHub wiki page

Without further ado, here's TCraft!


You're a survivor of the Great War, a war between the Reds, also known as the Trumps, and the Blues, a coalition of countries opposing the superpowers definitely not based on any real world examples (Read the guide/story). The world fell into chaos as everyone tried to evacuate in the habs y'know what just check out the really crazy lore book I wrote here!

YOU, (insert playername here) must defeat the boss and his allies and win! Or you can side with him...

This is an adventure mod that takes place after a great war takes place. You are a survivor of the humans, but it appears none are left...


For a full list of features (WIP), click here


Here are some of the most popular features


The Warground

Are you ready to brave the unforgivable lands? Obtain a War Block to take on this challenge! High risk and high reward! (And some lore sprinkled in here and there)


Contains the Warzone biome (duh), and others! Many other dangerous locations as well as the allied mobs. Bunkers and ruins of the previous world are scattered around here, as well as ruins from the War.



The Home of the brave


Random citizens, soldiers, and wannabes are found here

Biomes of endless loot guarded by annoying protectors and Captain America America Man



Press M to open the stats page recording your stats

This can also be done using /stats

We also have some achievements related to the stats (Such as boss kills) 

There's also plot to this mod found on the wiki/book/in game lore


The old version was created using Mcreator, a really easy (but limited) tool for mod making. Then I learned java, so I thank it for helping me.

Get it here



More guns

More things from the original Trumpcraft

An allied side  (In progress of adding)

Allied soldiers   (In progress of adding)

Hex soldiers (In progress of adding)

A dimension for the sun and where the habs landed

More test subjects

Floating structures?

The chance to encounter random events like battles between two factions


Scopes actually working

Different bullets

rocket launcher sounds  (Added)

more achievements

more walls

Rework of the lore 


Before you go download my mod, have an image of old Murica





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