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Filename Tropicraft-9.2.0-release+90.jar
Uploaded by NotActuallyTerry
Uploaded Jan 15, 2022
Game Version 1.16.5   +2
Size 18.10 MB
Downloads 32,687
MD5 7543d1fa55fc63cfcfc69b613ff46b00
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


Fix bug caused by MC-202036


If you started your world on ver 9.1.0 DO NOT UPDATE TO THIS!


Changelog for 9.1.0:


"Some PR cleanup" - "Cojomax99"
"Fixes #416 - adds config file and config settings" - "Cojomax99"
"hummingbird pollination!" - "Gegy"
"basilisk lizard water run particles" - "Gegy"
"Refactor koas a bit" - "SuperCoder79"
"match all SwordItem instances for pineapple loot (closes #374)" - "Gegy"
"set huge golden leather fern as non-replaceable" - "Gegy"
"Added generated loot tables for living entities (#380)" - "Stuart Thiel"
"Update Love Tropics section of readme" - "Ike Johnson-Woods"
"Neaten up Github Actions (#422)" - "Ike Johnson-Woods"
"Point sponsorship button to Love Tropics" - "Ike Johnson-Woods"
"Fix LT logo in Readme" - "Ike Johnson-Woods"
"Update sifter texture (Thanks Hexablu!)" - "Ike Johnson-Woods"
"fix: raised mangrove trees can generate at heightmap" - "Gegy"
"fix: add music discs to minecraft:music_discs tag (closes #419)" - "Gegy"
"use custom jigsaw piece for home tree branches" - "Gegy"
"simplify and clarify home tree branch grower logic" - "Gegy"
"grow feature piece bounding box field for home trees this resolves the feature only being generated once and causing chunk borders" - "Gegy"
"allow mangrove roots to connect upwards to solid blocks" - "Gegy"
"remove invalid old mangrove roots blockstates jsons" - "Gegy"
"Fix a bunch of issues with path processing" - "tterrag"
"Remove village path obstruction clearing, fix structure biomes" - "tterrag"
"Add osa rainforest biome and debug biome command" - "SuperCoder79"
"Make golden leather ferns produce way fewer particles when broken" - "SuperCoder79"
"Add overgrown mangroves biome" - "SuperCoder79"
"Fix merge" - "SuperCoder79"
"Add some missing features" - "SuperCoder79"
"Remove debug, cleanup" - "SuperCoder79"
"Add papaya blocks and generation" - "SuperCoder79"
"fix fruit trees trying to generate with saplings for leaves" - "Gegy"
"Fix bongo drums pitch adjusting not working in negative coordinates" - "Corosauce"
"fix pick-block on jigarbov torches" - "Gegy"
"fix incorrect boardwalk cullface direction" - "Gegy"
"multiple sizes for golden leather fern (textures by @HexabluDEV)" - "Gegy"
"match incomplete huge plant for highlight rendering" - "Gegy"
"jigarbov easter egg" - "Gegy"
"add golden leather fern worldgen" - "Gegy"
"updated golden leather fern texture by @HexabluDEV" - "Gegy"
"add golden leather fern block" - "Gegy"
"allow mangroves to grow on sand" - "Gegy"
"spider monkey, white lipped peccary, cubera, and fiddler crab (models and textures by TripleHeadedSheep)" - "Gegy"
"brown and green basilisk variants & baby tapir texture (by TripleHeadedSheep)" - "Gegy"
"disable mangrove root connections to barriers" - "Gegy"
"Bump version to 9.1.0 alpha" - "tterrag"
"Fix bamboo trapdoor culling" - "tterrag"
"Add "hot" property to volcanic sand, only worldgen has this set to true" - "tterrag"
"basic implementation of tapir, jaguar, basilisk lizard, and hummingbird" - "Gegy"
"attach mangrove roots to any above block" - "Gegy"
"tweak fog color to be more green in tropical biomes (#410)" - "SuperCoder79"
"split mangroves into red, tall, tea & black variants (textures by @HexaBluDEV)" - "Gegy"
"add initial pleodendron tree generation (#409)" - "SuperCoder79"
"fix pneumatophores generating without support (#408)" - "SuperCoder79"
"add bamboo rainforest (#407)" - "SuperCoder79"
"add pianguas and mud with pianguas (grow around mangrove roots)" - "Gegy"
"add better grass and seagrass decoration to tropical biomes (#403)" - "SuperCoder79"
"add small muddy streams to mangroves" - "Gegy"
"fix excessive reed clumping" - "Gegy"
"tweak mangrove biome noise (tree density, mud, scale)" - "Gegy"
"add mud blocks" - "Gegy"
"add mangrove propagules (textures by @HexaBluDEV)" - "Gegy"
"merging mangrove wood blocksets & add textures by @HexaBluDEV" - "Gegy"
"Improve fruit tree generation (#401)" - "SuperCoder79"
"add boardwalk blocks" - "Gegy"
"Add ability for mangroves to be raised from the surface of the water, fix tall mangrove bug (#400)" - "SuperCoder79"
"split mangrove trees, add wood block sets, add pneumatophores to white mangroves, fix some generation bugs" - "Gegy"
"add small mangrove trees and custom mangrove trunk & foliage placers (#398)" - "SuperCoder79"
"add reeds (textures by @HexaBluDEV)" - "Gegy"
"very basic mangrove tree and biome generation" - "Gegy"
"preliminary work on mangrove root blocks (textures by @HexabluDEV)" - "Gegy"
"Fix sand textures when CTM is installed" - "tterrag"
"Fix generics on eclipse compiler" - "tterrag"
"only apply rotation for own client player" - "Gegy"
"resolve invalid calls to TropicraftPackets.sendToDimension" - "Gegy"
"bamboo potted plant in crossroad" - "Gegy"
"fix sifter packets being sent on client (don't let cojo crash everyone <3)" - "Gegy"
"Fix Rainforest Plains not being generated" - "SuperCoder79"
"use vine-specific attachment check, fixes vines not generating on leaves" - "Gegy"
"include bamboo ladders in climbable tag" - "Gegy"