Trinkets and Baubles

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A Collection of Trinkets and Baubles


Hello All! Thanks for coming to my mod page, I'm a Novice modder and still learning, so your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated, and Although there might not be much going on between updates, I do try to check the page and comments at least every other day, so if you have any comments, good or bad, please feel free to post them, or any Suggestions you might have, all are welcome, as long as it fits the theme and it's within my ability, I will try my best to implement them, if the idea isn't added I do keep them written down for possible future projects.



As there are Other sites who have been reuploading this mod, I Have found it necessary to say the following.

The Only Website I Upload to is CurseForge, If you Find this Mod Anywhere Else, It's been done so without my Permission and Could Potentially be Unsafe.



  1. You are free to add this mod to Public and private modpacks as long as you Credit Me or Azanor.
  2. You are allowed to use the source code in your own projects as long as you state the sections that are adapted from this mods source.


Item Descriptions

Glowing Ingot: Crafting Material

Ring of Enchanted Eyes: Gives Night Vision Potion Effect

Stone of Inertia Null: Prevents Fall Damage, and Gives Knockback resistence

stone of Greater Inertia: Increases Jump Height, Increases running Speed, Also prevents fall Damage.


Sea Stone: Gives infinite Oxygen when Air Bubble reaches one left, Also Increases Movement speed while in Water.


Wither Ring: Removes Withering


Poison Fang Stone: (Currently)Removes Poison


Spring Loaded Belt: Allows the Player to Bounce if the player falls greater then 2 blocks

Removed Until Further Notice.


Stone of Negative Gravity: (Currently)When Held, gives the player levitation, When worn Player Floats in place, Swing Arm to float up, sneak + Swing Arm to float down.


Polarized Stone: (Currently)

When held pulls nearby Items and XP toward the player, and stops arrows in their tracks.

When Worn, Pulls Nearby Items and XP.

Right Click in Hand to Toggle on and Off.

[Push/pull speed Config option]


Ring of the Dwarves: (Currently)

Drops the Harvest Level Requirement by one when using a pickaxe.

Mining a Block is easier.

Gain Xp when mining stone and vanilla ores.

Gives Psudo Fortune Effect that stacks with fortune. [Fortune config Option]

Reduces the players height to 3/4 of normal.


Ring of the Fairies: (Currently)

Reduces the players height to 1/4 of normal.

Reduces the players Step Height to 1/4 of normal. [Effected by Step Height Config Option]

Reduces the players Jump Height to 1/4 of normal. [Effected by Step Height Config Option]

Gives a Climbing ability. [Effected by Climbing Cofig option]

Gives Creative Flight. [Effected by Creactive Flight Config Option]


Ender Queens Crown: (Currently)

Prevents Endermen from Attacking the player.

Nearby Endermen will defend the player when attacked.


Dragon's Eye: (Currently)

Gives Night Vision Potion Effect. [Has Hotkey to toggle]

Gives Fire Resistance potion effect.

Can Detect Nearby ores and some modded ores [Has Config options to disable and adjust range] ["Cycle Target" Keybind to Cycle Next target ore, "Aux Key"+"Cycle Target" Keybind to Cycle Previous target ore]



V0.25.2 Released.(Notice Updated: 6/24/19)

  • Fixed an Issue with High Stride from Construct's Armory
  • Reworked some of the Climb Handler Code For the Fairy Ring's Climbing Ability


V0.25.1 Released.(Notice Updated: 5/26/19)

  • Hot fix for an issue with Tinkers Construct.

    V0.25 Changelog (Notice Updated: 5/24/19)

    • Fixed some Bugs, Found some Bugs.
    • Added a Volume Control Option in the config for the Dragon's Eye Growl Sound.
    • Hopefully fixed the Fairy Ring's Creative Flight Desync.
    • Fixed some Rendering Bugs... I think.
    • There's a Bug with the Dragon's Eye Night Vision, it gets stuck on the player if they leave it on when unequiping.. will try to fix in a future update.
    • Still need Rewrite how the Dwarf Ring Effects are done.




Resource Pack File Path:


File Names:

 For the Wings and Ender Tiara Model Texture it's Just


File Name:ender_tiara_model.png

File Name:fairy_wings.png


~~~~~~~~Nov 14th 2018~~~~~~~~~~~~

Some Issues reported with the MetaMorph Mod, Currently Looking into it, but if you do use Metamorph, you'll need to turn off the POV in Metamorph or Height Adjustments in my Mod depending on the situation, and also avoid using the Dwarf and Fairy Ring while Transformed using Metamorph.



V0.24 Released.(Notice Updated: 4/6/19)

Fixed Some Stupid Mistakes when Adding ArtemisLib Compatability.
Re-Added the Fancy Shrinking Effect When Equiping the Rings.

I Seriously want to thank everyone who Reports bugs and Issues, it Really helps me out, It allows me to make the mod better and more stable for you all, I Greatly Appreciate it.

If you Come Across any more bugs or issues, Please, Please Report them, No Matter how big or small the issue, Although I Test as much as I can, I Don't have the time to test a whole lot or with every mod.
I Have Tested with a custom modpack with 200+ Mods and found no issues, but I could still use help in finding any more issues that pop up, so please, report the issues you find, or if you have a comment or suggestion, that's fine too, including if you just want to tell me I suck at modding, or whatever, All criticism is Welcome.

Thank you for using my Mod.
PS. Plans for 1.13 has been put on hold, possibly might even skip 1.13 because of how unstable 1.13 forge is, and I Have no Plans to migrate to Fabric or Rift, or any other ModLoaders, so sorry for anyone who might have been looking forward to a 1.13 version, This isn't set in stone, but probably not gonna happen.


V0.23 Released.(Notice Updated: 3/2/19)

Changed a Lot of Internal Code, This will cause loss of a couple of Baubles if Updating from 0.22.

This Update Is a Beta, It's Almost Completely Untested with a lot of mods, I changed a lot of how the Baubles work so I expect a few issues, I Don't expect anything truly game breaking, but do let me know if an issue pops up in the comments or on the Github Issues Page, If the World is Important, make sure to backup the world before Updating.

I Also Added some Compatibility with ArtemisLib if it's installed, Instead of using my own size Altering code for the Fairy and Dwarf Ring, It will instead use ArtemisLib's Attributes instead.

Also added some Item Descriptions for JEI, but it still needs work and probably some better wording.


V0.22 Released.(Notice Updated: 1/29/19)

Went ahead and Fixed a couple of bugs and Fixed the Crash with Lycanites Mobs.


Also This update still works for 1.12 and 1.12.1, but I'm Officially Ending Support for 1.12 and 1.12.1 MC, All Future Updates will be exclusively 1.12.2 and beyond


 V0.21 Released.(Notice Updated: 1/05/19)

Small Hotfix Update for an Error with Armor Stands


I've Changed the Status from Beta to Release.


There are lots of plans still in the works, so I'm not anywhere near done with this mod, but I think the code is fairly solid, Although I think it could be better, and it's cliche, but I'm also my own worst critic, So even if the code was flawless, I'd Still think it'd need work.


Thanks for all the Support and Downloads, And Please, Keep Reporting any Issues you might be having, Also Any Suggestions or Comments, Good or bad (even if you just want to say "Hey You Suck!" that's fine to),  are Greatly Appreciated.


 V0.20 Released.(Notice Updated: 12/01/18)

Major Clean up of Code, Lots of Updating code from my really crap old code.

Texture Updates and some Naming Changes... Still a Work in progress, Any feedback or Suggestions about them would be greatly appreciated, good or bad.


Did some General Bug fixes, got the Metamorph Sliding Issue seemingly fixed and managed to bring back 1.12, 1.12.1 support for the moment, not sure if I'll be able to keep it though.


Unless bugs are reported there probably wont be any major updates for a while, There will probably be some more Texture updates but not much else, I'm going to start reworking a lot of things in the mod, mainly stuff to do with internal naming schemes and probably Item Id's and stuff to make them more clean and allow for an easier time adding new stuff in the future, a big thing I want to do is to try and remove the Baubles Dependancy not because I don't like the mod, because I Love the Baubles mod, but I feel I should make my own thing and if Azanor ever stops working on Baubles, I'd be kind of stuck with how things are right now.


Anyway Lots of Plans for the future, but also takes a long time to learn the required knowledge to get it done.


Thanks to all of you who have commented, reported bugs and given suggestions, I Really do Appreciate it, And most Importantly thank you for downloading and trying out my mod, I hope to make it much better in the future.




V0.19 Released.(Notice Updated: 11/13/18)



It's now 3:36 AM EST my time, After working on bug issues for 15 hours straight, Finally released, now it's bedtime....  ~~~Passes out~~~


I had wanted to release the update on the 12th but last minute bug testing issues caused some set backs, but it's Finally Here, thanks for everyone who may have been waiting for the update, I haven't been able to find anymore major issues so if anything pops up please let me know.



Fairy Ring, Shrinks the player to roughly 1/4 the normal player height, small enough to allow the player to go through the space of a half block, Also gives creative flight, also gives decorative wings to the player.


With the player being so small it will most likely cause a lot of unintended issues when using other mods depending on what they add, if you find any game breaking issues or something, let me know and I'll see if I Can solve the issue in a future update.


Dwarf Ring, Shrinks the player to roughly 3/4 the normal player height, gives the player haste depending on the current harvest level of the pickaxe the player is using you get more haste the lower the harvest level is EX, Wood gives haste 4, Iron gives haste 3, etc.

Ender Queen's Crown, Similar to wearing a Pumpkin In that Endermen wont Attack you if you look at them, has the ability to stop Endermen within 16 blocks from teleporting away, and also makes Endermen nearby act like wolves in that they will attack whatever Entity that deals damage to the player, Uses the Head Bauble Slot, Also gives a Decorative Crown to the player.


Added a few Keybinds for the Dragon's Eye to Cycle through Targets and to toggle Night Vision on and off.Aux key + Cycle key goes to the previous target, Just the Cycle key goes to the next Target.

Sends messages to the player which Target your looking for, will be more fine tuned in the future but works for now.


Config System, in place but still needs some work in the future, unfortunately removed a lot of the specific config options for the dragon eye.

Capabilities, System seems to be working perfectly.

Networking, In place and seems to be working, need to learn more about it though .


Version 1.12, 1.12.1 Support, not sure if I will continue providing support for these versions, if it's requested I can probably compile a version that wont crash or break anything, but there will most likely be a few minor bugs with the new Rings. due to there not being the necessary Forge hooks required to fix them, but people want it, I'll see what I can do.

Versions Prior to 1.12, I will not provide any support prior to 1.12, the change in code in prior versions are quite a bit and I would rather focus my time and energy on making the current mod better and getting ready for 1.13, sorry to anyone who may have wanted support for an older version. also 1.13 is most likely going to change a lot of things as well, but I will try my best to move forward.

 Updated! V0.18

Added 1.12 and 1.12.1 support

Added 3 New Items.

Poison Stone - negates poison, made with 4 Glowing Ingots, 4 Fermented Spider eyes, and 1 Emerald.

Rubber Stone - Makes you Bounce when falling at least 3 blocks, continually builds up falling damage the longer you bounce which damages you when you stop bouncing, Made with 1 Glowing ingot, 4 Slime Blocks, and 4 Ender pearls.

Wither Ring - Negates Wither effect, Made with 1 Glowing Ingot, 4 Iron Ingots, and 1 Nether Star.





Requires Minecraft 1.12.2, Forge-1.12.2- or later and Baubles-1.12-1.5.1 or later


Any issues you come Across from my mod please post a comment below or Preferably go to the Github page and post there





Thank you to those of you in the comments who gave feedback and suggestions.

also thank you to BlockBreaker1361 on the Github page for the Bauble Suggestion which I added in version 0.18 "Wither Ring".

Another Thank you to MigMolRod on the Github page for the Bauble Suggestion that will be coming in version 0.19 "Ender Queen's Crown".




Mod Review En Español by Guartinajo for Version 0.17






Glowing ingot: Basic Crafting Material


Ring of Enchanted Eyes:

Gives Night Vision when worn


Stone of Inertia Null:

Negates fall damage when worn


Stone of Greater Inertia:

Negates fall damage and Gives Speed IV and Jump III when worn


Stone of the Sea:

Allows you to breath underwater


Polarized Stone:

When held pulls Items toward you.

---Effects Below may change or be moved to another item in a future update---

When Activated with Right-Click, stops incoming arrows.

When Worn Gives Luck and Pulls all nearby entities to your position,

When Sneaking gives Unluck and Repels all nearby entities.


Stone of Negative Gravity:

When held in the Main Hand, Gives the player Levitation, Moving to offhand cancels.

When Worn, Gives the player Levitation, Sneaking Cancels.

When Left-clicking on an entity, Gives the Entity Levitation for a few seconds.


Dragon's Eye:

When worn Gives Night Vision.

Beware the Greedy Dragon.




You really don't have to, But If you would like to Show me some support and help Encorage me to make this mod better.

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