Immersive Vehicles Trin Part Pack

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MTS Seagull's Trin parts pack is a Minecraft Transport Simulator pack that adds a collection of new wheels, seats and more! This pack is compatible with both my civil and my military pack,  and maybe other packs from other MTS modelers.

Trin and UNU convention approved

For the moment, this Trin parts pack adds:

- lots of new wheels ( different sizes, for race, off-road, or classic driving)

- engines (from i3, i4, V6, V8, to V12, turbo or compact, gasoline or diesel…)

- several seats models in several skins

- storage

- gauges

- light bars

- bull bars

- LEDs


This part pack is a dependency to my military and civil pack, but why is it needed? Well, this part pack adds loads of wheels, engines and more, all to customize exactly like you want your ride. With its off roading, classic and racing tiers, this pack allows you to create everything! Racing tiers are extremely precise, great for high speeds, but on low speeds it might overstear, meanwhile the off-road wheels are great for bad terrains, and are good for low to normal speeds, and the classic wheels? Well they are ok for all, but bad on quick acceleration. In other words, great for road driving.

Trin offers a great choice for what is « engines », Trin creates lot of great engines for all usage (road, racing, heavy vehicles…), those engines are great, reliable, and cool looking!


Also, don’t forget to share, or don’t hesitate on making videos about mts packs!

Any wheels, instruments, engines, seats suggestion? Ask them here, or on the Trin Discord!
Trin official Discord:


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