Travellers Map

147,579 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 18, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Travellers Map is a new approach on a Map mod.
And is one of many "Microservice" Mods by the Dark Roleplay Team.


This mod was created for the mmd-jam for mmds 4th birthday!
It's still in its early stages and about 50% finished, therefore you can expect a lot more features in the future.

Keep in mind, the map only get's update for newly loaded chunks right now.
So if you want your builds to show on the map, you need to leave the are and return, or rejoin the world.

If you want to showcase this mod somewhere, thank you.
But I'd appreciate if you could wait for feature completeness with the 1.0 release
Feedback aswell as Questions can be posted in our Discord

The Discord Logo with a Join Us banner right next to it

Here a 1 minute feature showcase of the mod:


Q: How to scale/move the Minimap?

A: You can do both either in the Config, or trough the settings menu, which can be opened trough the Fullscreen Map, with the cogwheel.
All you need to do is move the minimap there around or scroll over it to scale it.