Garbage Bins

438,245 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 15, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod is reborn version of Trashcans by Gigabit101.  It's a simple mod which help you to get rid of your extra stuff and fluids.


There are two blocks in this mod:

  • The Garbage Bin - Has a GUI and will destroy any item put to it. It also accepts items inserted to it through hoppers or e.g. Immersive Engineering conveyors.
  • The Fluid Garbage Bin - Doesn't have a GUI, but you can right click it with fluid container and it will empty it. It also accepts fluids pumped to it. (e.g. through Immersive Engineering pipes)



Garbage Bin

Garbage Bin recipe


Fluid Garbage Bin

Fluid Garbage Bin recipe


This mod requires RebornCore.

RebornCore isn't required anymore for versions 1.1.0 and up!



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