Immersive Vehicles (MTS/IV) - Official Content Pack

592,475 Downloads Last Updated: May 9, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2

This is the official vehicle set for Minecraft Transport Simulator (Curse link).  It contains all the vehicles that the dev team has worked on and feel fit to include into the mod.  Although is is a mod, it is constructed to be version-independent so it can be used with any version of Forge.  Just make sure to check back here if you get a major update of MTS.  We change vehicle requirements from time to time so if you find this mod isn't loading it's probably time to update!


Currently this pack contains the following:


  • MC-172 (don_bruce): The MC-172 is not fancy, but its cheap and sturdy airframe is at home on any rural Minecraft base. High wings and a good power-to-weight ratio make this a good all-around starter.  Seats two pilots and a crate.
  • Vulcanair (Wolfaider/Wolfvanox): The Vulcanair is a six-seat, twin-engined, high-wing monoplane aircraft. Inspired by the real life Vulcanair P.68 Italian aircraft, its rigid landing gear allows for the mounting of pontoons for both land and sea flights.  Seats two pilots, four passengers, and two crates, or two pilots and six crates.
  • Ford Trimotor (don_bruce): The Ford Trimotor is an old, yet trustworthy aircraft. Its large wingspan provides ample lift for short takeoffs, as well as enough to maintain flight with one engine out. With room for 12 passengers or crates, it's a great choice for long-haul flights where reliability (but not time) is of the essence.
  • PZL P11.c (DietPepsi1997/Limit): The PZL P11.c is a born and bred fighter aircraft. Its shoulder wing monoplane configuration provides the pilot with exceptional visibility of the sky and ground, and makes the PZL P11.c much faster than its biplane fighter counterparts. Seats a single pilot.
  • Comanche (Wolfaider/Wolfvanox): The Comanche is a small, swift, twin-engine craft. While the lower wing might pose a hazard on overgrown runways, it makes up for it by being much faster and nimbler than other planes of its size.  Seats two pilots and two passengers or crates.
  • Eclipse 500 (fsendventd): The Eclipse 500, first flown in 2002, created a new class of aircraft: the very light jet, or VLJ. The MTS version is configured to seat five, with the pilot in the front and four passengers behind them. A great addition to any private airport, and quite efficient for its capacity and speed as well.


  • Scout (TheCactus27): The International Harvester Scout is an off road two door SUV made from 1961-1980. This SUV, the Scout II, was produced from 1971-1980. It seats two, with area for cargo in the back.
  • GMC Brigadier (TheCactus27): The GMC Brigadier is a Heavy-Duty truck made by GMC produced from 1978 to 1988. Its solid frame combined with its ability to be equipped with a variety of beds makes it a solid addition to any city.
  • Fire Truck (TheCactus27): The 1973 Ward LaFrance P80 Ambassador is a small fire truck, mostly known for being on the TV show Emergency! This rendition seats two, and comes equipped with a working siren and emergency lights. A must-have for any town!


  • Stop
  • Yield
  • Speed Limit
  • Route
  • Wrong Way
  • One Way
  • Do Not Enter
  • No Parking


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