Immersive Vehicles - Caterpillar Pack

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ATTENTION!!! I have decided to abandon this project. I am terribly sorry to all the ones who have downloaded this mod, but I can't do this anymore. I feel like it's too much of a chore and not a fun pastime. I hereby grant permission to continue this pack, update it, or improve it to anyone who wants to do so. However, if someone else would like to take this up, I would still like to do the models (to keep things consistent). Thank you for the downloads, and God bless.



ATTENTION!!! This mod has the following dependencies:

Minecraft Transport Simulator 1.12.2-12.2.0

Minecraft Transport Simulator Official Vehicle Set V09


With that warning...





This mod will eventually add boatloads of Caterpillar Construction Equipment to Minecraft ranging from bulldozers, front end loaders, excavators, road reclaimers, and much more. Current machines include:


Caterpillar D1C (sort of a joke, there's not really a Caterpillar D1C)

Caterpillar D3C LGP

Caterpillar D3G LGP

Caterpillar D3G XL

Caterpillar D3K2

Caterpillar D4C XL

Caterpillar D4G XL

Caterpillar D4K2

Caterpillar D5G XL

Caterpillar D5K2

Caterpillar D5M XL

Caterpillar D6K2

Caterpillar D6M XL

Caterpillar D6N LGP

Caterpillar D6R2 XL

Caterpillar D6T LGP

Caterpillar D7E

Caterpillar D7R

Caterpillar D7R2

Caterpillar D8R

Caterpillar D8T

Caterpillar D8T WH (Waste Handler)

Caterpillar D9R

Caterpillar D9T

Caterpillar D9T WH (Waste Handler)

Caterpillar D10R

Caterpillar D10T

Caterpillar D10T WH

Caterpillar D11N, D11R, D11T, D11T WH

Caterpillar RM300 (Road Reclaimer)

Caterpillar RM500B (Road Reclaimer)

Parts Guide


  •      D1 Series-Size 1 Roller, Lawn Mower Engine
  •      D3 Series-Size 2 and 1 Roller, C4.4 ACERT Engine
  •      D4 Series-Size 3 and 1 Roller, C4.4 ACERT Twin Turbo Engine
  •      D5 Series-Size 4 and 1 Roller, C7.1 ACERT Engine
  •      D6 Series-Size 5 and 1 Roller, C9.3 ACERT Engine
  •      D7 Series-Size 6 and 1 Roller, C9.3 ACERT Engine
  •      D8 Series-Size 7 and 1 Roller, C15 ACERT Engine
  •      D9 Series-Size 8 and 2 Roller, C18 ACERT Engine
  •      D10 Series-Size 9 and 2 Roller, C27 ACERT Engine
  •      D11 Series-Size 10 and 2 Roller, C32 ACERT Engine

Road Reclaimers

  •      RM300-Wheel, C11 ACERT Engine
  •      RM500B-Wheel, C15 ACERT Engine

I will try to update as regularly as possible, but with school and other things going on, I don't have much time. Next will be excavators. There are roughly 32 that I have to model, but I'm starting from biggest to smallest this time, unlike the bulldozers that went smallest to biggest. Spoiler for what's to come!

Caterpillar 390F L ME Excavator



Thanks you for downloading!


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