Transparent Armor [FABRIC]

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Transparent Armor can be used to show off your skin without the need to take your armor off.



  • Transparent Armor variants can be used standalone by upgrading your current armor in the Smithing Table or together with other mods which add new armor variants. For that, you will need to download Cosmetic Armor and Trinkets and use Classic Transparent Armor in the Cosmetic Slots
  • Classic Transparent Armor is not worth to use as your main armor, because it is very weak (worse than leather armor)
  • Every armor type can be upgraded to the Transparent Armor variant
  • Upgraded armor does NOT lose durability or enchantments
  • You can upgrade Transparent Diamond Armor to Netherite Armor


Smelt Glass (block) in a Furnace to obtain Transparent Ingot


Upgrade your armor in a Smithing Table

(Can be also downgraded back to visible armor using this recipe the other way around)


Craft Classic Transparent Armor from Transparent Ingots

(Only recommended using with Cosmetic Armor)



Can you backport to version x.x.x?

  • I'm not planning on backporting

Forge port?

  • Forge port is not planned


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