Transformers Unlimited

3,295 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Build your own Transformers armor and help the Autobots create space bridge to scavenge resources on Cybertron!


Playable characters as of now include:

-TF3 Optimus Prime

-G1 Sideswipe 

-G1 Starscream

-G1 Skywarp

-G1 Thundercracker

-WFC Vehicon

-IDW Tarn

 But more are to come!


This mod adds a variety of guns inspired from the Cybertron Saga games such as the X12 Scrapmaker, the Neutronrepeater, the Energon Battle Pistol and more!

Not all gun models are finished yet.

It also ported over some fan favorite block color variants for clay, glass and wool from the original Transformers Mod by Fiskfille.


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The Transformers Franchise is owned by the respective companies.



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