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Trample Everything

Requires the library mod Collective.

Trample Everything is a mod which changes how the player interacts with the world around. You know the default way of how crops can be trampled when not crouching. This extends that feature by applying it to a lot more blocks in the world. It is highly configurable.

By default the following blocks are trampled:
  Crops, dead bushes, double plants, flowers, (nether) mushrooms, nether roots, nether sprouts, nether wart, saplings, sea pickles, (melon/pumpkin) stems and tall grass.

The following blocks won't be trampled by default:
  Snow, bamboo saplings, lily pads, sea grass, sugar cane and sweet berry bushes.

Configurable: ( how do I configure? )
_enableTrampledBlockItems (default = true): If enabled, will drop blocks from a trampled block as if a player breaks it by hand.
_crouchingPreventsTrampling (default = true): If enabled, crouching/sneaking will prevent any block from being trampled.

trampleSnow (default = false): Whether snow should be trampled.

trampleBambooSaplings (default = false): Whether bamboo saplings should be trampled.
trampleCrops (default = true): Whether growable crops should be trampled.
trampleDeadBushes (default = true): Whether dead bushes should be trampled
trampleDoublePlants (default = true): Whether double plants should be trampled, for example tall flowers.
trampleFlowers (default = true): Whether flowers should be trampled.
trampleFungi (default = true): Whether nether mushrooms should be trampled.
trampleLilyPads (default = false): Whether lily pads should be trampled.
trampleMushrooms (default = true): Whether mushrooms should be trampled.
trampleNetherRoots (default = true): Whether nether roots should be trampled.
trampleNetherSprouts (default = true): Whether nether sprouts should be trampled.
trampleNetherWart (default = true): Whether nether wart should be trampled.
trampleSaplings (default = true): Whether saplings should be trampled.
trampleSeaGrass (default = false): Whether sea grass should be trampled.
trampleSeaPickles (default = true): Whether sea pickles should be trampled.
trampleStems (default = true): Whether stems should be trampled, such as pumpkin and melon stems.
trampleSugarCane (default = false): Whether sugar cane should be trampled.
trampleSweetBerryBushes (default = false): Whether sweet berry bushes should be trampled.
trampleTallGrass (default = true): Whether tall grass should be trampled.

Example GIFs:
Trampling grass and flowers while sprinting:

Works in the new nether update:

Also works with farmland:

Crouching/Sneaking prevents the trampling by default:


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