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This modification is in a very early stage of development!

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TRACK API required for installation!

The goal is to create a modification capable of having a broad variety of different trains which can be useful in survival mode but can also drive by themselves and stop at different stations as an aesthetic upgrade to a city.

All train models are created in a voxel artstyle which is most likely to be continued.

In the current state of development, the mod features rails, which can be either straight or a 90 degrees curve of various radii (which are determined by the item stack the player is holding when placing a curve), and a few different train models (as seen below) without special functionality for now, but that will come over time. Survival functionality is planned to be implemented.

It is planned that this mod will be completely multiplayer compatible throughout different stages of development.

Possible features for the future which may or may not be implemented:

  • More Trains (Locomotives and useful wagons)
  • Theme Packs!
  • Dynamic sounds
  • Dynamic hitboxes (+ ghost entities)
  • Driveable trains (with a dynamic interface)
  • GUI
  • More types of rails (wooden/concrete rails, switches etc.)
  • (Glass effect for windows)
  • Lights
  • Crafting system
  • A better concept of placing rails (track interpolation)
  • Use for different types of trains and wagons
  • Different props for train stations and other railroading items (signals etc.)
  • Catenaries
  • Dynamic animations for trains
  • Walkable trains
  • Track API (optional use pending!)
  • Cross-compatibility with Immersive Railroading

Green: accomplished goals

Yellow: currently undergoing development

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Early catenary concept + ICE 2 sneak-peak

Rail concepts (without dynamic textures)

Track interpolation - Demo

Modeler: @JoaoDaFonseca

Modeler: @JoaoDaFonseca

Modeler: @SebastianD334

Modelers: @SebastianD334 and @Captain Skipper

Modeler: @KaktusMaen | Paul

Modeler: @CombiCraft

Modeler: @Xenoniuss

Modeler: @Captain Skipper

Modeler: @Captain Skipper


A small collage of our fleet (pictures for promotional purpose)

More trains coming soon!

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