TragicMC 3

11,130 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 14, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

TragicMC 3 is in active development for 1.12.2.


This is a new, overhauled version of TragicMC, building on the concepts started in TragicMC 2. Overhauled mob AI, new magic system, reworked Boss fights and deeper Dimensions. TragicMC 3 prioritizes challenge and presents fun items and abilities as a counterpoint to it.


What TragicMC 3 contains:

-An Achromy energy system, this tracks your Corruption. You need to keep it up to avoid a Corrupted death.

-A lightweight magic system, this uses your Achromy to activate powerful abilities, which can grow stronger as you use them.

-Several mobs and Bosses, balanced for challenging progression.

-New Dimensions, filled with their own unique blocks and creatures.

-A new Evolutionary weapon system, craft weapons and evolve them to specialize their abilities.

-New Unique pieces of gear, having powerful intrinsic abilties.

-Artifacts that grant Perks, very helpful during combat situations

-An in-game lite Wiki via the /tragicmc command, containing a large amount of helpful info.

-Advancements that help lead you through main progression, coupled with the in-game Wiki should be super helpful for teaching you the basics of the mod's progression.


TragicMC 3 requires Forge. Feedback can be posted here, here or you can DM me if you want to give more discrete feedback. 


You are free to use this mod in any modpacks, public or private. It'd be cool if you linked back to the official downloads here but it isn't necessary.


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