Traffic control + Roads mod by Teerth

3,019 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 10, 2022 Game Version: 1.16.5   +2

Traffic Control things + Police Stuff and Roads 

You can use this mod with other mods like immersive railroading or vehicle mod by mrcrayfishers car mod and unu and etc as u want to 

This mod adds realism to city of your minecraft 



I Will be updating the mod to 1.18.1 to so stay tuned 

If you want to add any custom sign or and idea join my discord and send there i will add it 

And To Get Updated Everyday Or To Get Beta Tester Join My Discord Server

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 Hi this mod is made by me(Teerth)

This Mod Adds you Working traffic signals and many more different signals

And this Gives you more than 100 signs of circle and i will add many more later

And The big thing it adds some police stuff 


This mod has been added on The aternos so you can play it with your servers


Traffic Control


This mod may contain bugs/issues that I'm unaware of. Please report bugs/issues to my 


Youtube -

Or you can report in issues tab 

This mod has been added on The aternos so you can play it with your servers

installation info:

-Make sure to have Minecraft Forge 1.16.5 or newer installed.

-Before installing new versions of the mod, be sure to ALWAYS backup your world/worlds

How to install the mod a video on it

How to download the mod on aternos


check this video out to see the mod working.


 Q: Can you update the mod to 1.17?

 A: Yes, coming soon

Q: Can you backport to 1.15.2 or lower?

 A: No. 

Q: Can this mod be used in a server?

 A: Yes. Be sure the client-side has the proper version of the mod installed.

Q: Is there crafting?

 A: Yes

Q: Do the traffic lights change?

 A: Yes

Q: Can I use this mod in my mod pack?

 A: Yes, be sure to give credit! 

Q: Can I upload a video using/demonstrating this mod?

 A: Absolutely, be sure to share the download link in the description & of course to give credit.

Q: Can I edit or use the models/code of the mod?

 A: No. Unless given permission.

Q: Have the mod added on aternos 

 A:Yes, I have added the mod on aternos so you play it with your servers

💡Got any ideas/suggestions? Submit here.




-A very special thanks go to Blockbench for making the block modeling possible!

-A Thank you to Traffic control by CSX8600 for some textures and models I used from his mod






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