Trade Booths

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This mod was originally developed by aeroc. He however abandoned the mod and said anyone may copy, alter and distribute his work.  I am posting this here at curseforge to try to gain this mod some attention so some bug fixes / future ports can happen.



The Trade Booth Mod is two interactive blocks that facilitate 24 hour offline/away player trading, especially useful for servers!


How to use

All trade booths are a two part structure that must be built together.  First you need to craft and place a storage block. After placed in the world storage blocks are claimed by the first person to use them. Once claimed, they cannot be opened or destroyed by other players and are used to store items bought and sold in transactions. They are Creeper and Vanilla TNT safe (now configurable). Just like the storage block, the top block will be claimed by the first person who uses it after being placed in the world. The top block must sit atop a storage block owned by the same player to transact. It is also Creeper and Vanilla TNT proof (now configurable).

The owner may move item stacks to any of the top block's 16 slots, which represent 8 different transaction possibilities. In each pair, the item in the left slot is the price for the item in the right slot.

Customers may transact by simply left-clicking the right slot of any slot-pair. The block's logic will verify that the transaction is possible, by checking that the suitable items exist in both the storage and player inventories and that there is room for the items to transact.


There is a special Admin Trade Booth. The Admin Trade Booth has no crafting recipe. It works differently from the other Trade Booths; when it is set to make a transaction it will transact indefinitely. It will take items from players and deliver the products, but it does not move or take items from its storage, so you may leave it empty. This booth still requires that you place a storage block and access it at least once, even though it isn't otherwise used.






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