Toxxic Mob Scaling

134 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 14, 2022 Game Version: 1.19.2  

Mobs have been scaled to be significantly more difficult. Accordingly, their drops have been increased to make slaying them more rewarding.
These changes are all server-side only, as such a client-side mod is not needed.


  • Odds and quality for armor and tools have been drastically increased

 Spiders and Cave Spiders:

  • All spiders now give poison, cave spiders now give wither


  • Guaranteed to have  a trident or nautilus shell
  • Drastically increased chance of dropping trident


  • Natural spawns are often replaced with Piglin Brutes


  • Health tripled
  • Shoot up to 3 fireballs at once


  • Deal thorns damage while their fire is active
  • Deal double damage to shields


  • On explosion spread a lingering potion of some kind
  • Small chance to spawn charged
  • Even smaller chance to spawn invisible


  • Immortal
  • Will ignore noise from redstone equipment


  • Double Health
  • Take half damage


Drop Upgrades:

All Hostile:

  • The quantity of their normal drops have at least doubled when killed by a player
  • Have at least a 1 in 200 chance to drop a totem of undying (except endermites)


Piglin Brutes: 

Chance to drop an ancient debris


The following mobs have a new garunteed drop:

  • Elder guardian, Ravanger, Zoglin, and Skeleton Horse: 1 totem
  • Evoker: 2 totems
  • Ender Dragon and Wither: 9 Totems







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