Tower of God Mod

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This mod adds many elements based off of Tower of God by SIU. 



Shinsu is the magical water that flows throughout the world.


Each Shinsu technique is unlocked by defeating a Mentor entity that specializes in said technique.

After unlocking them, you can use them by holding the key bind (default 'G') and moving in the correct pattern. The pattern can be found in guidebooks dropped by Regulars, Rankers, and Mentors.

Each technique also has a unique cooldown, Shinsu cost, and may have other requirements specified in the guidebook.

Casting Shinsu technique


A Shinsu Quality is an affinity to controlling a specific element and shape.

Each player can be given a Shinsu quality by using a Clicker item. The given quality is not random and instead based on what the player has been doing recently.

Fire bow Shinsu Quality given by clicker

Some techniques change depending on the given Shinsu quality. For example, the Manifest technique manifests the player's Shinsu quality as an item that can be used for utility or combat.


Shinsu Users


Regulars, Rankers, and Mentors spawn naturally in the world.

Rankers and Mentors are always passive normally, but if they are attacked, they will attack back. Regulars always are similar when they spawn in the light, but some that spawn in the dark are aggressive.

Defeating a Mentor grants the player their specialized Shinsu technique.

Shinsu control, tension, and resistance increase after defeating Shinsu users with a higher skill than the player.


Flying devices

Lighthouses and Observers can be crafted and used to spawn devices.

Devices can be controlled in combination with Shinsu techniques.

Lighthouses have storage space, emit light, and can be ridden.

Observers highlight entities that they can see.


Iron Needle, Hook, and Spear

Needles have a higher attack speed but lower attack than swords.

Hooks are very slow but deal pretty big damage. They also pull enemies closer.

Spears have pretty standard stats but can be thrown.



Suspendium is a new type of material and ore that can be found in higher parts of the overworld.


Report issues to the issue tracker. We also host a discord server.

Ideas are welcome. There really needs to be more end game techniques. Also, any help on artwork/modeling would be extremely helpful because my art is horrible. 

In particular, a better leveling system is really needed, but that may be resolved if I add more techniques.