10,450 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 16, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.1
Is placing torches a bothersome chore for you? Do you hate it when you forget to place a torch and next thing you know you have been exploded to hell and back! Then this mod is for you! When this mod is installed as you travel your world, everywhere the light level is lower than 8 it will put down a torch preventing nasty mobs from spawning behind you and ruining your day. You can use the command /torch or press the hotkey (default B) to toggle the placement of torches between active and not active.
Pre 1.13.2 two branches of this mod existed SC(server-client) and the "normal", the normal just had to be installed on the server and not the client but did not provide a hotkey. After 1.13.2 only the SC branch has been continued and the SC in the title is left out!
Thanks to kreezxil for this Review


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