1.12.2 Update: HUGE thanks to NinjaPhenix for the update! Greatly appreciated by us all!


This is a small, simple mod that adds various torches that can be used to increase the tick rates of tile entities. To put that into English, they make machines run faster.


A few example uses:

  • Growing plants faster
  • Smelting ores faster
  • Increasing mob spawner speed

There is one main Torcherino, and then there are various upgrades that add onto them. Many of these things are configurable in the mod configuration file which is called Torcherino.cfg and is in the config/sci4me folder.

After placing a Torcherino, it will default to being deactivated. You must right click it and use the gui to adjust its settings to the range and speed amount you prefer. 


Feel free to add Torcherino to modpacks! Of course, credits are appreciated!


Important Note: This mod was originally created by Moze_Intel. After he decided to stop maintaining it, I took over. So, LOTS of credit to him too! :)