Torch Place Mod

6,078 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 2, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod lets you place torches in the world by simply right-clicking on a non-interactive block while a tool or weapon is in your main hand. So long as you have torches in your inventory, and the block you're clicking isn't interactive, a torch will be placed. Perfect for placing torches while on a long mining session, and no more needing to place torches in your off hand leaving your shield unusable.


By default it will avoid placing torches on most vanilla items, such as a chest or a crafting table. You may find other mods will have items that when right clicked have a function, but TorchPlaceMod will still place a torch. You can add the block to the restricted list in the configuration. For example, say a mod has a special furnace called 'Special Furnace'. Add the word 'special' to the block search terms in the config file, and any block with the word 'special' in it's name will not have a torch to be placed when right clicked. This also works for certain items using the item search term setting. You can also stop dirt interactive tools from placing a torch on a dirt block by placing a term in the dirt tool terms in the config file.


Let me know how you like this mod. If you feel inclined, donate. All feedback appreciated.


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