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Exploring caves gives you a choice: hold a torch in your offhand to light up the place or hold a shield to fight off against mobs.
With this mod you won't have to choose anymore! Torches will give you a combat advantage!
While holding a torch you can set on fire your enemies, for an easier exploration or an early-game alternative to Fire Aspect.


Compatible with Soul Fire'd and with any modded torch!
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  • Hit with a torch in your main hand to deal fire damage!
  • Hit with a tool in your main hand and a torch in your off hand to deal fire damage!
    Tool hit
  • If Soul Fire'd is installed, soul torches set mobs on soul fire!
    If it's not installed, soul torches lit Piglins on fire for double the time and any other entity for 1 second more!
  • Highly configurable! See next section for more details.


  • By default direct (main hand) torch hits deal fire damage for 4 seconds, same as Fire Aspect I.
    The duration can be configured.
  • By default indirect (off hand) torch hits are enabled and work with any tool, dealing fire damage for 2 seconds.
    The duration, tool list and whether enabling this feature can all be configured.
  • New items can be made to behave as torches, defaults to a list of the most common modded torches.
  • By default, candles work as torches too! However they break if used to attack.
    Whether candles break when used and whether to enable this feature at all can be configured.
  • By default torches and candles always set targets on fire and only candles break upon use.
    Whether also torches should break, the chance of setting targets on fire and whether to break items can all be configured.
  • By default Vanilla torches can be used to deal fire damage.
    If you wish to tweak the game balance, Vanilla torches can be prevented from dealing fire damage and only the extra items in the configuration will work.
  • By default mobs wielding torches can set other entities (players included) on fire.
    This option can be disabled.


Forge Config API Port is a required dependency for Fabric.
Fabric Polyfill is a required dependency for Fabric (1.16.5 & 1.18.2).
Soul Fire'd is an optional dependency for both Fabric and Forge.

License and right of use

Feel free to use this mod for any modpack or video, just be sure to give credit and possibly link here.
This project is published under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

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